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 Minimum Math Requirements for RVCC Degree Programs


Elementary Algebra*                                           *Higher Level Math May be Recommended for Transfer

Accounting (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Food & Beverage Management (Career Program) A.A.S.

Accounting Information Systems (Career Program) A.A.S.

International Business (Career Program)  A.A.S. 

Business Management (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Marketing (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Electric Utility Technology (Career Program) A.A.S.

Nursing PN/AD (Career Program)  A.A.S

Financial Services (Career Program)  A.A.S

Nursing/RN (Career Program)  A.A.S.


Paralegal Studies (Career Program)  A.A.S.


Elementary Algebra forMATH 100, 101, 102 or 103c*     
*Higher Level Math May be Recommended for Transfer

Communications Studies (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Human Srvcs/Pre-Social Work in Liberal Arts - (Transfer Prog.)  A.A.

Computer Networking (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Liberal Arts - Social Science Option (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Computer Programming (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Liberal Arts - Women & Gender Studies (Transfer Program) A.A.

Criminal Justice (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Liberal Arts (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Dance (Transfer Program) A.F.A.

Medical Assistant (Career Program) A.A.S.

Dental Hygiene (Career Program) A.A.S.

Multimedia Communications (Career Program)  A.A.S

Digital Media/Film Studies (Transfer Program) A.S.

Music (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Early Childhood Education (Career Program) A.A.S.

Music (Transfer Program)  A.F.A.

Early Childhood Education: P-3 (Transfer Program) A.A.

Respiratory Care (Transfer Program) A.S.

Education: K-12 (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Studio Arts (Transfer Program)  A.A. in Liberal Arts

English (Transfer Program) A.A.

Technical Studies (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Graphic Design (Transfer Program)  A.F.A.

Theatre Arts - Technical Theatre (Transfer Program) A.F.A.

Health Science (Transfer Program) A.S.

Theatre Arts (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Information Systems & Technology (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Veterinary Technology (Transfer Program)

Interior Design (Career Program) A.A.S.

Visual Arts (Transfer Program)  A.F.A.

Law Enforcement (Career Program) A.A.S.

Web Developer (Transfer Program) A.S.

 Intermediate Algebra forMATH 110 Statistics orMATH 112 Precalculus

Air Conditioning, Refrig. & Heat Tech (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Engineering Science (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Automotive Technology (Career Program)   A.A.S.

Environmental Science (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Biology (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Game Development (Career Program) A.A.S.

Biotechnology (Career Program) A.S.

General Science/Pre-Health Professional (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Biotechnology (Transfer Program) A.A.S.

Health Information Technology (Career Program) A.A.S.  

Business Administration (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Information Systems & Technology (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Business Liberal Arts (Transfer Program) A.A.

Liberal Arts - Environmental Studies (Transfer Program)  A.A.

Chemical Laboratory Technology (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Management Information Systems (Transfer Program) A.S.

Chemistry (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Mathematics (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Computer Science (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Ophthalmic Science (Career Program) A.A.S

Construction Technology (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Pre-Medical Professional (Transfer Program)  A.S.

Diesel Technology (Career Program)  A.A.S.

Pre-Pharmacy (Transfer Program)  A.S.

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