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Science & Engineering Department

Degree Programs

Designed for Transfer (A.S.)

Career Programs (A.A.S. and Certificate)

Department News & Events

  • New Arrivals:
    • Dr. Nader Copty, Instructor of Physics, as of July 1, 2010.
    • Dr. Eric Iannacone, Instructor of Biology, as of July 1, 2010.
    • Diana Trybulski, Administrative Assistant, as of June 1, 2010.
  • Biotechnology Seminars:
    • These weekly seminars ,part of the Biotechnology Seminar course, are open to the public.Students who may be interested in biotechnology, as a major or as a future interest, will particularly benefit from attending these seminars.
  • Science Seminars:
    • Since the Fall 1997semester, thanks to the inspiration and hard work of Professor Emeritus.Darryl Walke, the Department has sponsored a series of weekly Science Seminars during the fall and spring semesters. These talks, which cover a wide range of topics in science, engineering, and mathematics, are presented by faculty at Raritan Valley Community College, as well as by members of the wider academic and scientific community. They provide the substance for the Honors Science Seminar (SCIE-128), but are also open to all interested students, faculty, staff, and members of the public.
  • Department Meetings:
    • The department meets biweekly on Thursdays (beginning in September), at 12:10 PM in room C207 unless otherwise stated. For additional information, please contact the department's Administrative Assistant, Diana Trybulski: 908.526.1200 x 8817 or dtrybuls@raritanval.edu )
Opportunities for Students

Full-Time Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Roberta Batorsky (Biology)
  • Maronda Brown (Biology)
  • David Choie (Biology)
  • Lemuel Clark (Biology)
  • Jesse Damiano (Biology)
  • Danielle Dominic Dayton (Biology)
  • Jessica Doyle (Biology)
  • Ronald Esser (Biology)
  • Tom Heilman (Biology)
  • Craig Hoppe (Biology)
  • Holly Khong (Biology)
  • John M. Kowalski (Biology)
  • Larry Kramer (Biology)
  • Edlynn Lewis (Biology)
  • Amy Manning (Biology)
  • Gorky Massache (Biology)
  • Sarah O'Donnell (Biology)
  • Pratima Patil (Biology)
  • Kathy Piparo (Biology)
  • Elizabeth Radziszewski (Biology)
  • Chintha Ranasinghe (Biology)
  • Diane Ratner (Biology)
  • Tanya Rohrbach (Biology)
  • Anthony Rosania (Biology)
  • S. Hiranthi Samaranayake (Biology)
  • Viveca Sulich (Biology) 
  • Arthur Ketterer (Astronomy)
  • Jerry Vinski (Astronomy)  
  • Patricia Bakos (Nutrition)
  • Clare McEnroe (Nutrition)
  • Grace Martin (Nutrition)
  • Peter Barra (Chemistry)
  • Sheila Cancella (Chemistry)
  • Peter Dobbelaar (Chemistry)
  • Jeffrey Fox (Chemistry)
  • Yelena Naumova (Chemistry)
  • Brent Podlogar (Chemistry)
  • Constance Jankoski (Chemistry/Environmental Studies)
  • Nicholas Carlson (Engineering)
  • Kalwant Grewal (Engineering)
  • Michael Katowich (Engineering)
  • Brain O'Rourke (Engineering)
  • Phil Wallace (Engineering)
  • David Jaquish (Environmental Studies)
  • Abdul Ferozan (Geology)
  • Lois A. Johnson (Geology)
  • Anita Haley (Physics)
  • Gregory Suran (Physics)
  • Dr. Anu Tilak (Physics)


Teaching Assistant:

Laboratory Manager:

  • Diana Trybulski (Administrative Assistant)
  • Carolyn Bogda (Biology)
  • Alice Cizmar (Chemistry)
  • Donna Gero (Biology)
  • Valerie Kratunis (Biology)
  • Terry Murphy (Chemistry)
  • Martha Salas (Biology; Biotechnology)

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  1. National Oceanic& Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  2. Consortium forInternational Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN)
  3. OzoneACTION
  4. U. S. GlobalChange Research Program
  5. Energy and Environmental News

Molecular Modeling:

  1. MathMol

Nuclear Chemistry:

  1. INHALTSVERZEICHNIS: The homepage of the Institute for Heavy Ion Research, Darmstadt,Germany
  2. Table of Isotopes Home Page: at theLawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory
  3. The Lund/LBNL Nuclear Data Search: jointly maintained by the Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Physics at Lund University, Sweden.
  4. G.T. Seaborg Institute for TransactiniumScience:at the Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory
  5. ITUKarlsruhe: the Institute for Transuranium Research, at Karlsruhe, Germany, with a link to a good list of further links: Exploring the Web
  6. Table of the Nuclides: from the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
  7. Actinide Research: another ITU site with links to more technical and theoretical material.


  1. Chandra X-ray Observatory Center
  2. Hubble Space Telescope
  3. NASA

Quantum Mechanics:

  1. Quantum Mechanics at the University of California at San Diego: an excellent resource for undergraduates maintained bythe Squier group at UCSD.
  2. Atomic and Molecular Orbitals:  A page which displays calculate delectron density maps for most simple atomic orbitals, from Dr.Craig Counterman and Prof. Donald Sadoway at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Orbital Viewer, maintained by David Manthey, has lots of images and visualizations of atomic orbitals.


  1. X-Ray Diffraction: From another part of theextensive educational material presented by the Squier group at theUniversity of California at San Diego, this presents useful information and images about X-ray diffraction, with a little electron diffraction thrown in as a bonus.  
  2. Electron Holography:An extension of electron diffraction that gives very high resolution of electron densities. This site is presented by Prof.Dr. Hannes Lichte's group at the University of Tuebingen.


  1. Anatomy Learning Objects from MERLOT
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