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Are you unable to attend our live online orientation? Do you want more details about distance learning? Do you want some hands-on practice using WebStudy (our learning management software) ?

Then login as a student to our new "Distance Learning 101" course.  

Go to http://rvcc.webstudy.com

Login with one of the User Name and Password combinations in the table below.  You will take on the role of the one of the "Lion character" students listed below.  After you login to WebStudy and click on the course name, follow the Timeline to learn more about RVCC online courses and WebStudy. As you follow the Timeline, you will be able to post to discussion forums, submit assignments, and take a quiz and an exam.  No concerns about making mistakes - no grading in this practice course!  (NOTE: You may see discussion posts made by others who have logged in with your "Lion character" before you.  Go ahead and post or submit information anyway!)  Have fun!


Student     User Name Password
Leo Constellation Leo Constellation
Linus Lionhearted Linus     Lionhearted
Cowardly Lion Cowardly     Lion
Elsa Bornfree Elsa     Bornfree
Kitty Kat Kitty Kat
Kimba Whitelion Kimba Whitelion
Simba Prince Simba Prince
Mufasa King Mufasa King
Stone Lion Stone Lion
Azlan Narnia Aslan Narnia

Technical problem with the Distance Learning 101 course?


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