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RVCC Service Learning - Domestic Violence Project
SPACE: Students Promoting Awareness, Change and Empowerment

SPACE Project Activities

Cosmetology Student Participation
Spring 2012

  • Twenty-two Cosmetology students attended a training program on domestic violence conducted by The Resource Center of Somerset.

  • Cosmetology students planned and implemented the "Shears to Stop the Tears" fund-raiser that was held on Saturday, April 14, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm at the Bridgewater campus.

  • Students promoted the event by making presentations in student clubs, offering promotional campaigns on campus, disseminating fliers on campus, in the community and through announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Participants at the fund-raising event received a reduced rate for haircuts and manicures. All proceeds benefited The Resource Center of Somerset.

Fall 2012

  • More than twenty incoming Cosmetology students will be trained on domestic violence in the beginning of the fall 2012 semester.

  • Cosmetology students will develop and implement the “Adopt a Salon” campaign, identifying up to 30 area salons in Somerset and Hunterdon counties in fall 2012.

  • Students will arrange information sessions to train salon professionals how to identify victims of domestic violence, how to speak to them discreetly about the problem, and where to refer them for appropriate resources.

  • They also will distribute donated items to the salon professionals that include nail files and a pamphlet on the national "Cut It Out" program as well as RVCC students’ resource information and business cards for the Resource Center of Somerset, all to be shared with salon clients for further dissemination.

  • The outreach campaign also will include an educational seminar/luncheon called "Dining for Change" to be held in late fall 2012, and RVCC cosmetology students will invite individuals from participating salons and other local salons to hear from professionals in the field and receive additional training from staff members of The Resource Center of Somerset.

Nursing Student Participation
Spring 2012

  • Approximately 80 RVCC nursing students each devoted five hours a week to this project during the 2012 spring semester and received training on domestic violence from The Resource Center of Somerset.

  • Students conducted research on various topics of domestic violence that included the following topics:
  1. Enough is Enough! SPEAK UP! End Domestic Violence Now
  2. Domestic Abuse and the Elderly
  3. Culturally Sensitive Domestic Violence Assessment and Support
  4. Intimate Partner Abuse, Consequences and Prevention Through Outreach
  5. Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy: When Good News Turns Bad
  6. Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy: A Multilingual Assessment Tool
  7. Domestic Violence and Pregnancy
  8. Stop Teen Dating Violence: Raise Your Voice
  9. Prevention and Awareness of Teen Dating Violence
  10. Teen Dating Violence: How Schools can Help Students
  11. Escaping Violence Early (E.V.E.)
  12. Helping Abusers Get Help
  13. SAFE at Home: Hope, Motivation, Empowerment
  • Students worked in groups of four or five to develop and produce informational print materials to share with a minimum of five community organizations, focusing on low-income, minority and limited-English speaking individuals who are at risk for domestic violence.

  • Final products included brochures on domestic violence; bake sales and selling silicone bracelets with donations for local shelters; education classes that provided pamphlets, posters, hotline numbers, websites, dating bill of rights, online videos, and curriculum materials about dating violence and health relationships; You Tubes and video presentations, posters and bulletin boards; online links to resources; bi-lingual educational materials; self assessment screening tools.

  • Nursing students gave presentations about their domestic violence projects to the campus and community at the Trends in Nursing Showcase, Looking at Violence and Those we Love, held at Raritan Valley Community College, April 16, 2012.

  • Director of Service Learning and Community Outreach presented the workshop, Students Promoting Awareness, Change and Empowerment on Domestic Violence through Service Learning, at the Community College National Center for Community Engagement 2012 Annual Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona, May 24, 2012.

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