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Biological Resources

Available in the ASC:

A&P Models and Charts:

  • Human Models:
    Blood Cells
    Bone Structure
    Cell - Large
    Cell - Small
    Circulatory System - Plaque 
    Digestive System (NEW)
    Eye - Large

    Eye, Microanatomy
    Eye Socket, Eye and Muscles

    Heart - Large
    Heart - Small 
    Kidney and Nephron

    Liver Lobule (NEW)
    Mitosis - Magnetic Plaque
    Molecular Model of DNA & Replication (NEW)
    Motor Neuron

    Muscle, Microanatomy 
    Muscular Figure - Two Miniature
    Nervous System - Plaque
    Pancreas and Kidney (NEW) 
    Pelvic, Female
    Pelvic, Male
    Skeleton, Disarticulated
    Skin, Microanatomy
    Skull, Adult
    Skull, Fetal
    Spinal Cord
    Spine Model - Classic Flexible (NEW) 
    Unisex Torso 
  • Charts:
    Asthma, Understanding
    Brain, Anatomy of
    Cholesterol, Understanding
    Diabetes, Understanding
    Ear, Anatomy of
    Eye, Anatomy of

    Heart, Anatomy of

    Human DNA
    Human Skull
    Kidney, Anatomy of
    Liver, Anatomy of
    Pond I
    Skeletal System
    Skin and Common Disorders

    Skin, Anatomy of

  • Other:
    Blood-pressure machine
    Pocket Nurse Stethoscope











  • Classroom Texts  
  • Dictionary, Mosby's Medical  

CDs and DVDs:

  • An Overall Assessment Tool for Older Adults, Fulmer spices (NEW)
  • Case Studies in Medication Error Prevention (NEW)  
  • Physical Examination and Health Assessment, Mosby's (NEW)
  • Histology Tissue & Slides (Powerpoints)    
  • Interactive Physiology for A&P   
  • Interactive Physiology for Human Biology    
  • Lab Experiments in Physiology   
  • Physio Ex 7.0 and 6.0: Lab Simulations in Physiology   
  • Practical Anatomy Lab   
  • Nutrition Calc Plus 3.0   
  • Student Media for Biology   
  • The Microbiology Place for Microbiology    
  • Understanding Anatomy and Physiology DVD Series (15 DVDs)

Links and Online Resources:

Links Suggested for Reference:

These links contain texts, review exercises, video clips, lecture series, virtual labs,
animations and/or illustrations pertaining to the topics covered in the course

General Topics

KHAN ACADEMY, www.khanacademy.org

Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Highly recommended site (lecture series, DVDs, animations, video clips and virtual labs)

Wikipedia – Online encyclopedia

Human Anatomy & Physiology Links

Anatomical Model Index   

Anatomy & Physiology Marieb Website   

Microscope Forum   

The eSkeletons Project

The Whole Brain Atlas     

Get BodySmart – An online examination of Human Anatomy & Physiology   

Human Physiology & Anatomy – Practice Exams with Answers   





Microbiology - General


Learn Genetics - Genetic Science Learning Center 

Bio Visions at Harvard University 

Access Excellence Resource Center  

FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration Protecting and Promoting Your Health  

World Health Organization   

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC 

National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI

Microbiology - Photos

 Museum of Bacteria  


Virtual Labs

The Virtual Cardiology Lab   Electrophysiology  

The Neurophysiology Lab   Electrophysiology   

The Virtual Bacterial ID Lab – PCR & DNA sequencing  

The Virtual Immunology Lab  ELISA  


Learn Genetics - Genetic Science Learning Center 

Bio Visions at Harvard University  

Graphics Gallery - Labeled diagrams with explanations  

The Biology Project    

Cells Alive 

Mitosis World   


Periodic Table  

Chemtutor Atomic structure   

All About Atoms  

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