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International Student FAQs: SchoolTransfer/Change Procedure

If you have a Bachelor or Master's degree from a US institution and wish to enroll in an Associate degree program at our institution, you must show that you will be making academic progress. You are not eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) at the end of the Associate degree.

How to complete your school transfer/change procedure:

  1. Complete an "Application for a Form I-20 and send it along with the required evidence of financial support and other supporting documentation to the International Student Services Office. (See checklist)

  2. Complete Part I. of the "Request for F-1 Transfer Information" form and send it to your international advisor at your former school.
  3. If you tell us that you plan to travel outside the U.S. before school begins on your "Application for a Form I-20," we will get your Form I-20 to you as you requested so that you can use it to reenter the U.S.


    You will need these documents to reenter the country:

    • A valid passport. (unless you are exempt from passport requirements)

    • A valid F-1 Visa (unless you are exempt). You do not need a valid F-1 visa to return if you are traveling to Canada, Mexico or to islands in the Caribbean for less than 30 days and are not from there. Instead of a valid visa, you must have an I-94 departure record that shows you are F-1 for "duration of status" or D/S.

    • If you need to renew your F-1 visa to return you can only get it at home! If you need more information about how to renew your visa, let us know and we can send you instructions. * If you have a valid visa but it has another school's name on it... it doesn't matter! The school name on your visa doesn't change until you need to renew it.

    • Your new RVCC Form I-20

    • Evidence of your financial support. Carry copies of the financial documents you submitted for getting your Form I-20.

    • USCIS must stamp your I-20 to complete your school transfer/change. If they don't, bring your I-20 with you to our office and we will assist you.

  4. If you tell us that you do not have any travel plans on your I-20 application, we will hold your RVCC I-20 in our office until after you arrive on campus. We will complete the school transfer/change procedure for you after school has started and after we receive your "Request for F-1 Transfer Information" from your other school.


  • Make photocopies of the following documents and bring them and the original documents to the International Student Service Representative as soon as you arrive on campus:
    • Passport identification pages
    • F-1 and all other US visas
    • Form I-94 Departure record
    • RVCC I-20 (if it was sent to you to travel)
    • I-20's from all schools you attended in the US
    • "Request for Transfer Information" form if it was sent to you instead of us.
  • Protect your legal documents. Make photocopies of them. Never destroy any I-20's. Keep them in a safe place.

Request for F-1 Transfer Information Form (.doc)

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