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 Co-Curricular Conferences and Trips Budget Request Form 

Organization Information

Sponsoring Department:  

Primary Contact:

Secondary Contact:

Advisor Contact:

Conference Information

Name of Conference: 

Place of Conference: 

Number of Student Organization members attending: 

Start Date:    [None] Select a Date Delete the Date   Start Time:  

End Date:   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date  End Time:  

Purpose of the Conference:

Budget Request 

Estimated Conference/Trip Total: 

Basic Budget Breakdown:
(Please enter your estimated expenses for each of the following categories, if a category does not apply please enter $0.00)

Supplies: account code 6110:  $ 

Conference and Meeting In-State: account code 6301:  $ 

Conference and Meeting Out-of-State: account code 6302:  $ 

Transportation: account code 6305:  $

Other (If no unlisted anticipated costs apply, please leave these fields blank): 
Please enter the anticipated expense:  Estimated Cost: $ 

 Learning Outcome 

Learning and Development Outcome Category: 
(Choose the category that best describes this event in consideration for inclusion on the Student Engagement Transcript.  The Committee will determine if the event qualifies for inclusion based upon the learning outcomes and criteria.)  

Check all skills that are intended to be improved through participation in this event:  




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