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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Co-Curricular Program Fund come from?
Financial support for co-curricular programs comes from a portion of the general tuition fee paid for each credit by on-campus students during the Spring and Fall Semesters.  This portion is not taken from the general fee for on-line students or summer students.

Who can request funding?
Individual students or groups of students may request funding for educational projects, research, programs, etc. The students must have a faculty sponsor to oversee and assist with the planning of the project and the project must contribute towards enhancing the requesting students’ educational experience, and must also provide an opportunity for the general student body to gain from the experience. (For example: Students who conduct a research trip must plan and present a program open to the whole campus). Campus wide events must adhere to the event planning guidelines set forth by the Office of Student Life.

How can the funding be requested?
Students can request funding for a project/program by completing a Co-Curricular Event Proposal/Budget Request Form. Funds requests are reviewed the first week of October, November, February, and March.

If I am a member of a club/organization but want to host an event or attend a conference that is not related to my student organization, what do I do?
The co-curricular fund is available for events, conferences, and programs that are not affiliated with a student organization.  Individual students may request funding providing all eligibility requirements are met.  

What does the allocated money cover?
Co-Curricular funds for programs and events cover the cost of supplies, decorations, food, honorariums, promotion, etc.  Funds allocated for conferences cover the cost of food, lodging, registration, and travel.  Please see below for further information. 

Is carpooling permitted?
Students may carpool, and will be reimbursed for gas mileage.  Any faculty or staff member who is attending the conference in the role of advisor may drive him/herself, but cannot transport students in his/her vehicle.  

How do I know how much money to request?
Using the FY 2011 Per Diem Rates Chart, you can locate the standard rates for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses for the city and state you will be traveling to.  Use these numbers when requesting funds for a co-curricular conference.  If you are requesting funds for an event or program, research the costs for any anticipated expenses and create a budget using these numbers. 

Do I need a chaperoning faculty or staff member to accompany me on a conference and/or oversee the planning of a co-curricular program or event?
Yes.  All co-curricular programs and events must be sponsored by a RVCC department.  All students attending a conference must be accompanied by a faculty or staff member.  The cost to send a faculty or staff chaperone will be included as an additional expense.  

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