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 Promo Table/Fundraiser Request Form

Use this form to request tables for bake sales, promotional events, etc.  The requesting organization and its staff/faculty advisor are jointly responsible for the conduct of the organization named below.  Your responsibility includes, but is not limited to, replacement or repair of missing or damaged college property.  Advisors must be notified and pre-approve all events prior to submission of the Promo Table Request Form.  Please confirm with Student Life within 24 hours of your request. 

Promotional Event Information

Sponsoring Organization: 

Event Name: 

Event Type:  If you selected "Other", please list Event Type here: 

Day/Date of the Event:   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date

Start Time:      End Time:    

Contact Information

Contact Name: 




Advisor Name: 

Advisor Email: 

Is this event a fundraiser? 

If yes, please answer questions 1-3 below.

1. Beneficiary Name:  
The beneficiary is the official name of the organization who will benefit from this fundraiser.  It is permissible to fund-raise for your club/organization; simply state your club/organization's name in the Beneficiary Name field above.  If this is NOT a fundraiser, state: Not a Fundraiser in the Beneficiary Name field.  

2. Has your organization fund-raised for this organization in the past, or have you submitted a W-9 for this benefactor? 

3. If you are co-sponsoring this event with another student organization/department, please enter the organization name: 

Set Up & Logistics

On the day of the event, please remember to sign out equipment borrowed from the Student Life Office.  Be sure to return equipment borrowed from Student Life immediately following the end of the event.  

Recurrence Pattern: 

Effective Date:   [None] Select a Date Delete the Date

Table Location:  If you selected "Other", please list alternate location here: 

Supplies (if no supplies are needed, please select "not applicable"): 

All supplies borrowed must be washed before returning to Student Life.  This includes, but is not limited to coffee pots, ice coolers, easels, arrows, and drink dispensers.  


Audio Visual (if no AV equipment is needed, please select "not applicable"): 

Equipment will not be delivered unless a club representative is present at the event/table location.  At no time should the equipment be left unattended.  


 Special Requests:   


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