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Co-Curricular Funding Guidelines



The purpose of the Co-Curricular Programs Fund is to provide co-curricular programs to assist in the development of educational, social, cultural, vocational, athletic, and leadership skills of all students. 

1.  The Dean of Student Services and the Director of Student Life manage the General Co-Curricular Programming Fund.
2. The Student Government Association (SGA) manages the Student Organization/Club Programming Fund to be requested by student clubs and organizations to enhance the campus community experience.  Clubs submit funding budget requests to SGA for review and approval upon consultation with the Director of Student Life for final approval.

Guidelines for the Use of Co-Curricular Funds 

1. In order to be eligible to receive funds a student must be currently registered student at RVCC

2. Student must have a faculty or staff member willing to sponsor the student and oversee all activities related to funding request.

3. Students must submit a Co-Curricular Funding Request Form to Student Life

4. Any requested expenditures must serve the interests of Raritan Valley Community College and must be pertinent to the College’s mission statement/purpose. 

5. Funded programs must be readily available to all Raritan Valley Community College students. 

6. Requests will be considered on an ongoing basis until the semester's deadline.  Requests for the Fall semester will not be considered after October 1 and requests for the Spring semester will not be considered after March 1. 

Deficit Spending:
No individual may exceed the maximum they have been allocated. If an expense is incurred that was not approved, the individual(s) who incurred the expense will be responsible.

Unused balance:
All unused allocated programming funds will be taken back immediately following the event/conference.  

Adherence to Submitted Budgets:
Students should conform as closely as possible to their submitted itemized budget. 

The following is a breakdown of events/programs/conferences that are eligible for co-curricular funding requests and a summary of expenses that can be covered by the allocation.

1. Honorarium. No college staff, faculty member, or administrator will be paid as a speaker.

2. Professional service or performer (eg: DJ, lecturer, band, musician etc.).

3. Food and beverages.

4. Security.

5. Supplies/ Materials.

6. Costumes/Props for Performance events.

7. Event promotion/advertising guidelines set forth by the Office of Student Life are to be followed for every funded event. Failure to properly adhere to event promotion guidelines will result in cancellation of funding. 

Drive-in Workshop, Summit, etc.
Definition: Traveling to an event and coming back in the same day. 

1. Transportation Costs

2. Admission/Registration Fees

3. Food during event 

Conferences (multi-day)
Definition: Traveling to an educational event that will last for more than one day. 

1. Maximum number of conferences for each student per year is limited to 2, of which only one can be a national conference.

2. Conference attendees must coordinate a campus wide event/activity open to all students to present the information acquired at the conference.  A Powerpoint presentation must also be available online.  

3. Maximum number of people funded by the Co-Curricular Fund is limited to 4. 

4. Transportation Costs

5. Food

6. Lodging

7. Registration Fees.

8. Cost to send Club advisors who must attend a conference to chaperone club members will be included in the request in addition to the 4 attendees.

Violations and Penalties

Student Life reserves the right to hold hearings to investigate individuals that are discovered to be conducting themselves in violation of the Guidelines. Should this investigation conclude that violation(s) did indeed occur, the case will be referred to the Office of Student Services, which has the authority to review alleged violations and place this individual on probation (based on the understanding that should the same individual violate the Guidelines, they will not receive funding the following semester)


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