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LionRVNew Student Government Officer Responsibilities

What Are The Responsibilities of SGA Executive Officers?
The President, Executive Vice-President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Information & Media, and 4 Student Senators make up the SGA Executive Branch. The President of SLAP (the Student Life Activities and Programming Board serves as an ex officio member of the SGA Executive Board and liaison to the campus Programming Board. 

SGA Officers are expected to:

* attend monthly Forum meetings when possible,
* attend monthly SGA General assembly meetings
* attend weekly SGA Executive Board meetings
* survey and represent the student body
* be positive role models
* review and make recommendations for approval of funding requests from all clubs/organizations to ensure that student money is spent appropriately and that take into thoughtful consideration the entire student body.
* serve office hours as part of being accessible to students.

Benefits of SGA Involvement

* Develop leadership skills;
* Develop communication skills;

The minimum time commitment involved in being an SGA officer is 5-10 hours/week and Senator 3-8 hours

Following are the basic responsibilities for each position. Each year SGA may make modifications to these responsibilities based upon the individual skills and assign specific responsibilities on the basis of what needs to be done and who is best suited for the task.


• provide leadership for SGA Executive Branch, Senators, and General Assembly
• chair all SGA meetings and maintain parliamentary procedure
• main liaison between the students, faculty, and administration
• responsible for recognizing and organizing current issues and assigning them appropriately for action
• with advice and consent of SGA, appoint the chair and members of all standing committees
• call special meetings when necessary
• represent SGA and the student body at official College ceremonies and other occasions as requested
• present SGA recommendations to the appropriate College representative
• coordinate the presentation of SGA monthly report at College Forum
• prepares monthly report of information for the Alumni Representative to report to the Board of Trustees

Executive Vice President

• assist the President
• serves as the President in the absence of the elected President
• chair ad hoc committees and special projects as needed
• assures that recognized clubs/organizations adhere to rules/regulations according to their constitution
• coordinates any conferences or summits SGA attends

Vice President of Finance

• keeps accurate financial records of all accounts of the SGA
• presents monthly financial report to SGA
• assists Director of Student Life in conducting training programs for budget allocation process
• facilitates student organization funding requests for money and communications
• coordinates budget training workshops for club treasurers each semester
• conducts Spring inventory of all equipment owned by SGA valued more than $50

Vice President of Information & Media

• manages all information for SGA including minutes, agendas, publicity, brochures, etc
• posts above information to SGA bulletin boards and websites
• manages social media of SGA
• assists the President in the development of an SGA meeting agenda
• handles all correspondence necessary for the functioning of SGA
• responsible for SGA mailings
• keeps orderly files on each club and organization
• keeps all SGA files and records up to date and filed in the SGA Office
• manages all on-line websites/social media sites

Senators (1 per 2000 students, according to FTE rounded to the nearest 1000)

• represents the student body to the SGA
* represent the student body on college-wide standing committees (Food Committee, Technology Committee, Diversity Council, etc.)
• polls, surveys, and interviews to determine the interests of the student body
• disseminates information to the student body
• stays informed on matters pertaining to clubs, organizations, and special populations
• review, discuss and participate in voting on Club Budget Allocation Process
• assists the other Executive Branch officials on various projects

Programming Board President

• provide leadership to campus-wide Programming Board
• conduct campus surveys to determine event programming needs of the students on an on-going basis
• serve as an ex officio member of the Student Government Association Executive Board

Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees

The Alumni Representative to the RVCC Board of Trustees represents all campus/extension sites and is elected through an all-College election. The Alumni Representative is an RVCC student who has graduated in the Spring graduation. The Alumni Representative should also be accessible to the student body as a whole in order to become familiar with the concerns and issues that face students. The Alumni Representative is a full-voting member of the Board of Trustees which meets once a month, usually the third Tuesday of each month. Board meetings are open to all current students and alumni to observe. The candidate should be available to attend these monthly meetings.

SGA Representatives (elected within each club/organization, not an all campus vote)

The SGA Representatives are students who represent the various campus clubs, organizations, and team sports,. The purpose of the SGA Representative is to increase communication between all student organizations and to help the SGA better serve student organizations on campus.

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