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RVCC Archived Science Lecture Podcasts

"Our Green Campus"  (video) and (audio only) RVCC Campus Sustainability Day Lecture highlighting various green projects around campus, including the new Student Center’s green wall and rainwater harvesting system. Presented by Facilities Director Brian O'Rourke and Sustainability Coordinator Sue Dorward.  Recorded October 23, 2014.

"What is Color?"  (Video only) RVCC Science Seminar podcast with Dr. Paul Schueler, Professor of Chemistry. This lecture is a discussion about the origins of color on a molecular and structural level, as well as a brief survey on the phenomena that make color a fascinating topic.  Recorded October 8, 2014.

"The Bilingual Mind: An analysis of our ability to learn a second language and the effects it has on our minds." (video) presented by RVCC student Nick Hollingsworth.  This presentation is an Honors Science Seminar student presentation. This lecture is part of the RVCC Science Seminar Series. Recorded April 30, 2014.

"Rising from the Ashes" lecture by Professor Dan Aronson, RVCC Economics Department.  This lecture is presented as part of the RVCC Earth Week.  Recorded April 24, 2014.

"Hydrogen Economy:  The Long Wait is Over" Lecture presented by Mike Strizki of the Hydrogen House Project.  This lecture is presented as part of the RVCC Earth Week.  Recorded April 23, 2014.

"How Old is the Earth and How Do We Know it's Age ?"  The RVCC Science Seminar is presented by Dr. Paul Schueller, RVCC Chemistry Faculty and examines the history of estimates of the planet's age and the methods used to arrive at the current figure.  The lecture also looks at some questionable (if not downright absurd) young-earth claims that are out there.  Recorded January 30, 2013.

 "Science at its Worst:  A Shocking Case of Scientific Misconduct, Dr. Sarah Imbriglio, Prof of Chemistry, RVCC"  There have been relatively few documented cases of scientific misconduct in the field of organic chemistry, but a recent scandal at Columbia University caught the attention of the chemistry community at large.  This seminar will explore the definition of scientific fraud, its causes, and its repercussions in the context of the episode at Columbia.  Relevant scientific topics, such as asymmetric synthesis, C-H activation, and NMR spectroscopy will be discussed along the way. Recorded Nov. 14, 2012.

"Global Warming and Climate Change: A Progress Report" RVCC's Professor Paul Schueler discusses the current consensus among climate scientists about anthropogenic global warming:  its origins, current status, and future projections. Recorded Sept, 19,2012.

"Climate Change: Predicting the Future" with Dr. Jim Miller, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University.  This talk will provide a summary of the basic science of climate change, what changes have occurred to date, and the role of models in predicting the future.  Recorded 2011.

"Central Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team" presented by Melissa Almendiner of Upper Raritan Watershed Association.  Recorded 2010.

"H1N1 Virus Information" with Karen Ellis, Visiting Nurses Association.

"Absolute Zero" with Professor Paul Schueler.  RVCC Chemistry Professor Dr. Paul Schueler discusses temperature, entropy, Maxwell/Boltzmann distributions, superconductivity, and more!  Recorded 2009.

"Models in Science: Molecular and Otherwise".  Dr. Paul Schueler examines the role of models, both physical and conceptural, in scientific research, education and dissemination.  Recorded 2008.

"Climate Change at the Artic Edge: an Earthwatch Expedition".  A first hand account of current global climate research in the artic.  Recorded 2008.

"How Genetic Information is Changing our Lives" presented by Christina Armeli, Certified Genetic Counselor, UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  Recorded 2008.

"Malaria:  A Global Killer" with RVCC Professor Ed Carr.  Recorded 2007.

 "The rise and fall and rise of water on Mars"  The rise and fall and rise of water on Mars: from Sir Percival Lowell to the 38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. March 22, 2007 01:04:33. 

" Parando's Paradox" In 1996, Juan Parrondo discovered a set of games which inevitably produced losses when played alone, but which resulted in a winning result when combined. These have been extensively investigated by game theorists. More surprisingly, they have pointed the way toward analagous biological phenomena, particularly relating to cellular motility. We will explore both aspects of these fascinating phenomena.
March 8, 2007 56:59. 

"Environment and the Economy, Perfect Together" with Dr. Anton Nelessen” The distinguished keynote speaker from a conference titled Environment and the Economy, Perfect Together. April 25, 2006, 56:36. 

"Time's Arrows:  An Introduction to Direction in Time" presented by RVCC Professor Paul Schueler.  Recorded 2006.

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