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Financial Aid ~ Summer

Am I eligible for Summer Financial Aid? 

If you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and were not fulltime at any institution for at least one semester during the academic year you may be eligible for summer Pell. If you did not use your full annual Stafford Loan at any institution you may be eligible for summer Stafford Loans. The only other form of financial aid offered in the summer is Federal Work Study. Students who are enrolled for the Summer semester, or are planning to enroll for the following Fall semester are eligible for Federal Work Study.

How do I request for Summer Financial Aid? 

If you have not already completed your FAFSA for the current academic year, you would need to do so. Once you have completed a FAFSA and registered for summer courses you should complete the Summer Financial Aid Request Form (if this link is inactive,the Summer Financial Aid Request Form is not yet available).

Awarding Summer FinancialAid 

Summer financial aid eligibility will be reviewed for students who have completed the Summer Financial Aid Request Form. If the form is incomplete ,the Financial Aid Office may send the form back to you for completion. The Financial Aid Office will review each student's eligibility for summer financial aid and send a revised award letter if the student is eligible for financial aid. If the student is not eligible for summer financial aid, the student will also be notified in writing.

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