CCAMPIS Child Care Access Means Parents in School

The Children’s Campus has received the Department of Education’s “Child Care Access Means Parents in School” (CCAMPIS) grant, which supports single and lower-income student parents through campus-based child care services. The grant will help student parents pay for childcare services at the Children’s Campus while they are enrolled at RVCC.

For more information email lisa.murrison@raritanval.edu or call 908-231-8807.

CCAMPIS Application


The Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Grant awarded to RVCC by the Department of Education will help parents of young children stay in college by offering access to quality care for their children, while reducing the cost of childcare tuition, and providing academic and emotional support for student parents trying to integrate work, school and family.

Childcare Access

Our goal is to increase access to post-secondary education for RVCC student families by providing quality, affordable and accessible childcare services while they further their education.  The Children’s Campus Preschool and Childcare Center offers flexible scheduling to fit the needs of student parents while attending classes.  Children three months to five years may attend three to five sessions each week all year long.  For a tour and enrollment information contact gwendolyn.wright@raritanval.edu.

**Already enrolled at an alternate childcare center? RVCC can now partner with outside child care centers to provide payments for childcare.  These centers must meet the CCAMPIS requirements and have completed all the necessary paperwork.  RVCC cannot attest to the quality of care each center provides.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the child care center they use is a good fit for their family. For more information contact lisa.murrison@raritanval.edu.

Help with the Cost of Childcare

Quality Childcare is expensive for families, especially for students attending college.  

  • The Children’s Campus offers discounted rates to students at RVCC.  Call 908-231-8807 for more info.
  • The Division of Family Development Department of Human Services provides childcare assistance to those who qualify through NJ Cares for Kids (NJCK). Visit www.childcarenj.gov/Parents/CCAP for more information
  • NJ offers a variety of financial resources to families.  Visit New Jersey: Financial Assistance Resources for Families | Childcare.gov for more information
  • The Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Grant can provide subsidies for child care tuition for eligible student parents.  We ask that students apply for CCAP first but both subsidies can be combined to further reduce child care costs.  

Support to Integrate Work, School and Family

The CCAMPIS Grant will provide academic and emotional support for student parents as they navigate enrollment, advising and counseling, tutoring, studying and graduating through the services of a CCAMPIS Coordinator.  Student parents can utilize the help of the CCAMPIS coordinator to connect to any needed resources.

A Laboratory School Experience

The CCAMPIS Grant also provides funds to pay students of Early Childhood Education and related fields to gain skills by working in our early childhood center The Children’s Campus.  

Early Childhood Education students who apply and accept an Assistant Teacher position will gain:

  • A space to observe and interact with young children from infant to Pre-K
  • A better understanding of the predictable stages of growth and development
  • An opportunity to learn from experienced early childhood educators
  • New skills in building relationships with young children
  • The ability to put early childhood and developmental theory into practice
  • A hands-on experience of developmentally appropriate practice
  • A knowledge of curriculum that is not just cute and fun, but research-based!

Any RVCC student who:

  • Is taking at least 6 credits
  • Has completed their FAFSA
  • Is Pell Grant Eligible
  • Has unmet financial need
  • Is in good academic standing
  • Has a child (ages 3 months-5 years) in need of childcare


  • Apply for county funding prior to applying for CCAMPIS
  • Submit appropriate paperwork EACH SEMESTER (CCAMPIS application, RVCC schedule, financial aid award, grades, child care schedule)
  • Complete Annual Survey

For more information:
The Children’s Campus
Raritan Valley Community College
118 Lamington Road
Branchburg, NJ 08876