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What Scholarships Are Available and How Do I Apply For Them?

Raritan Valley Community College Scholarships are available to all RVCC students including international students and students who are not eligible to complete the FAFSA. Scholarship opportunities are listed at the end of this section. Scholarships are awarded on a first come first serve basis once grades have been calculated for the prior semester. Scholarship funds are limited and we recommend that you apply for scholarships as early as May (for the following fall semester) and December (for the following spring semester). RVCC offers academic and non-academic scholarships.

Typically, if a student is awarded one academic scholarship, that student is not eligible for additional scholarships in that same academic year. If financial need is a criterion for a scholarship, the student must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the application process. Scholarship awards are typically divided between the first and second semesters of each academic year. As funding for academic scholarships is limited, scholarships are awarded in the following order of preference, as funds remain available. Scholarships are not awarded for the summer sessions.

Named scholarships are awarded according to the guidelines established by the donor(s). The Financial Aid Office adheres to these guidelines and may or may not make an award in a given semester or year if no applicants meet the established criteria.

All Scholarships require that you register for a minimum of six (6) credits.

 General RVCC Scholarship Application Form (.pdf)

Academic Scholarships


Raritan Valley Community College

Academic Scholarships


Nicholas and Jeanne AlesandroScholarship – Therecipient of this scholarship is agraduate of Manville High School, Manville, NJ, and graduates in the top 25percent of his or her class.  The recipientdemonstrates financial need and/or academic merit, and earns and maintains aGPA of 3.0 or better as an RVCC student.

AxelVelden Scholarship - This scholarship was created inmemory of Axel Velden, an RVCC professor who was instrumental in promoting,developing and implementing global education at the College. It is awarded toany student who is either enrolled in the International Business program, oractively involved in community or college activities that promote globaleducation, understanding, and cultural awareness.  The student must demonstrate financial need anda GPA of 3.0 or better.  To apply, fillout the Axel VeldenScholarshipForm (.pdf) and submit your signed copy to Ellen Lindemannin the Business & Public Service Department.

Critelli (Patricia) Scholarship– The recipient of this scholarshipmust be a resident of Hunterdon County or has worked in the legal profession inHunterdon County for two (2) years, who is dedicated to a career in law anddemonstrates a commitment to the values of the law and anethic of justice, fairness and integrity, both at RVCC and in thecommunity at large.  A one-page essay detailing the applicants’ commitmentto community/college service and the legal profession must be included with theapplication. Therecipient must demonstrates financial need and/or academic merit, and earn andmaintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

ESLScholarship - This scholarship was established byLorena Molineux, a former ESL tutor at RVCC, to assist students studying ESL asa pre-requisite for their degree program.

KaroleeDousa Glassman Scholarship – This scholarship is available forstudents who are single mothers demonstrating financial need.  Awards will be made in two equal installmentsat the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and shall be used fortuition, fees and educational supplies.


GibsonFamily Scholarship – Students demonstrating financialneed and academic merit may apply for this scholarship.  Awards will be made in two equal installmentsat the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and shall be used fortuition, fees and educational supplies.


Marcia Key Memorial Scholarship – Established in 2005 in memory of Marcia Key, a formermember of the RVCC Foundation Board of Directors, this annual award is made to astudent demonstrating financial need and academic merit.

A.Bernard Lindemann Science Scholarship - Thisscholarship was created by Professor Ellen Lindemann and the Lindemann familyin 2002 to celebrate the 70th birthday of RVCC Board of Trustee member A.Bernard Lindemann. This scholarship is awarded to a Galileo Scholar, who is ascience or engineering major and demonstrates financial need.

PellowskiFamily Scholarship – This scholarship goes to a Theatreor Arts major entering his or her final semester before graduation and earning aminimum GPA of 3.0.  The student mustsubmit an essay, up to two pages long, telling why he or she chose the arts andwhere he or she hopes to be in 10 years.


Annand Susan Primmer Scholarship – The recipient of this scholarship is a resident of Hillsborough,Bound Brook or Manville, NJ.  The studentis majoring in science, engineering, allied health programs, or nursing.  The candidate must write a brief essay describingpersonal goals for the future and the impact the scholarship support will haveon his/her life.   The recipientdemonstrates financial need, and earns and maintains a GPA of 2.75 or better.


RoseMcConnell Scholarship – This scholarship, established bythe Somerset County Federation of Republican Women in honor of Rose McConnell, isavailable for a female student from Somerset County who is pursuing a career inteaching/education.


RobertSydney Needham Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to astudent who has completed at least 24 credits, with an overall GPA of 3.0 orbetter.  The recipient must demonstrate acommitment to community service by participation in the RVCC Service LearningProgram or as a volunteer in the community. The student also needs to be a campus leader, demonstrated throughparticipation in SGA and/or other clubs and student activities.


Sophie SadowskyChmil Memorial Scholarship - The recipient of this scholarship is a female student,45 years old and above, who is seeking to acquire new skills and increase herability to enter the workforce for the first time or to find employment in asecond career and succeed in today’s competitive economic market.  The recipient is pursuing a degree orcertificate in accounting, business administration, financial services, CPApreparation, and international business. The recipient demonstrates financialneed and/or academic merit, and earns and maintains a GPA of 3.0 or better as afull-time RVCC student.


Wellbrock Family Scholarship –Students demonstrating financialneed and academic merit are eligible for this scholarship. Awards will be madein two equal installments at the beginning of the fall and spring.

Richard and Ann Wellbrock FDUAward – This scholarship isawarded to a student transferring from RVCC to Fairleigh Dickinson Universityin Madison or Teaneck provided the applicant becomes a FDU student at the RVCCUniversity Center location.   The recipientmust have earned at least 45 credits at RVCC with preference to thosecompleting an Associate’s degree.  Thescholarship will be awarded in the spring but given in the fall once thestudent starts at FDU. 

MaryT. Zanetti Scholarship – Established by ElisabethMcConville, an RVCC Foundation Board member, in memory of her sister, thisscholarship is awarded to liberal art students, who demonstrate a financialneed.

Jennifer Zois Memorial Scholarship -This scholarship will be awarded to a second-year student,who is a Health Sciences/Nursing or Psychology major, has a G.P.A above a 3.0,and has unmet financial needs.  Students interested in this scholarshipmust also write a one-page essay describing their interest in health careand what they hope to do with their degree.

RVCCMerit Scholarship - Funded by proceeds from fundraisingevents sponsored by the Raritan Valley Community College Foundation, thisscholarship is awarded to an RVCC student with a GPA of 3.00or better.

SomersetHills AAUW Scholarship - Created in 1998 by the SomersetHills Chapter of the American Association of University Women, this scholarshipsupports mature women who are returning to school to pursue a career or obtain adegree. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and be residents of Somersetor Hunterdon counties.

TheTom Tarnowski Scholarship Fund - Established in 2006 by the FoodBank Network of Somerset County to honor Mr. Tarnowski’s service to thatorganization and to the community, this scholarship is available to residentsof Somerset County. Applicants must be U.S. citizens (or green card holders),recent graduates of an accredited secondary school, and enrolled in a degree orcertificate program.  Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and demonstratefinancial need.  The scholarship provides support for two semesters up to$2,500 annually and may be used for tuition, fees and books.  Selection ismade by application, including an essay and committee review.  Applications can be downloaded byclicking here (.pdf).

WayneJ. Forrest, Esq. Criminal Justice Scholarship - Thisscholarship was established in 1993 through the generosity of Criminal JusticeAdjunct Professor and Career Law Enforcement Practitioner Wayne J. Forrest.Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a Criminal Justice degree orcertificate program and maintain a 3.0 grade point average.  Students must include a one-page letter toMr. Forrest addressing what has led to their interest in Criminal Justice, andmention career aspirations and any special family circumstances.



GalileoScholarships - This scholarship will be awarded toRVCC students majoring in math, science, technology or computer science. It isjointly funded by individual and corporate donations.  Please use the Galileo ScholarshipApplication (.pdf) for the following threeGalileo Scholarships.

RVCCGalileo Scholarship - This scholarship will be awarded toa Galileo Scholar regardless of unmet financial need.

EquityPackaging Engineering Scholarship – This scholarship is for RVCCstudents enrolled inthe RVCC Engineering program and demonstrate academic merit, earning a GPA of3.0 or better.


Sanfordand Karolee Glassman Scholarship – This scholarship is available for studentswho are majoring in Engineering and demonstrate financial need and academicmerit.  Awards will be made in two equalinstallments at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, and shall beused for tuition, fees and educational supplies.


Nicholasand Xenia Shmaruk Scholarship – This scholarship is for an RVCCstudent enrolled in the Galileo Scholars program as an engineering or sciencemajor and demonstrates financial need and/or academic merit, earning a GPA of3.0 or better.

Nursing Scholarships

AreaVII Physicians Scholarship – In an effort to support nursingeducation and further either medical education or healthcare quality, thisscholarship is awarded to nursing students in their second year of clinicalcourses and are residents of Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean orSomerset counties.

VirginiaButkowsky Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is available for studentsenrolled in the nursing program.

EthiconNursing Scholarship - Thisscholarship is funded by Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson &Johnson Company, and isawarded, based on available funds, to students majoring in nursing. Selectionmay be made by committee review.

ShirleyGilbert Nursing Scholarship – RVCCalumni Shirley Gilbert established this scholarship to support female nursingstudents enrolled in clinical nursing courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better.  Applicants must submit, along with theapplication, a one -page essay describing their interest in nursing and whatthey hope to do with their degree. 

FabienneStassen Nursing Scholarship - The Fabienne Stassen NursingScholarship was established by the family of a young graduate of RVCC’s nursingprogram, who died suddenly in 2006. Scholarships are awarded to nursingstudents who demonstrate an attitude of caring and empathy and a commitment tohelping others and making a difference in the health and welfare of individualsand the community.   Students must havefinancial need and be entering the second year of clinicals. As part of thescholarship application, students need to write a brief essay (no more than apage) describing how they meet the guidelines and how this scholarship willbenefit the students as well as the community. Applications are due to thefinancial aid office by July 1st.

Jennifer Zois Memorial Scholarship -This scholarship, named in memory of a former RVCC employee,will be awarded to a 2nd year student who is a Health Sciences/Nursing orPsychology major, has a G.P.A above a 3.0, and has unmet financial needs. Alongwith the scholarship application, students interested in this scholarship mustalso write a one-page essay describing their interest in health care andwhat they hope to do with their degree


SomersetMedical Center Nursing Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to studentsenrolled in the nursing program, and shall be used for tuition, fees andeducational supplies.

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