Honors Course Options

Honors Course Options

Engage in Advanced Study
Even if you do not participate in the Honors College, you can still engage in advanced study in various academic disciplines by enrolling in individual Honors Courses. You can take advantage of the smaller, seminar-style courses with an interdisciplinary focus and participate in a common forum, the "Community of Scholars" colloquium.

You can also select to take the Honors Option, an Honors-level project that is offered in a regular, non-Honors class. If you complete 15-18 credits of Honor Courses and Honors Option courses and speak publicly on a scholarly topic, you will recognized as an Honors Program graduate. Students may receive further academic recognition on their transcript through the Honors Achievement Award.

Eligibility Requirements for an Honors Course or Honors Option: a 3.5 grade-point average in high school (for students entering their first semester at RVCC), or at the college that a student transfers from, or at RVCC (for students who have taken courses here). Students with a GPA of less than 3.5 can still take an Honors Course or choose an Honors Option by contacting the instructor and receiving written permission.

Spring 2022 Honors Courses:

•    General Biology II (BIOL 102H)
•    General Chemistry II (CHEM 104H)
•    Speech-Honors (COMM 101H)
•    Microeconomics-Honors (ECON 102H)
•    English Composition II-Honors (ENGL 112H)
•    US History II-Honors (HIST 202H)
•    Precalculus-Honors  (MATH 114H)
•    Intro to Limits-Honors (MATH 116H)
•    Statistics-Honors (MATH 117H)
•    Calculus I -Honors (MATH 151H)
•    Calculus II-Honors (MATH 152H)
•    Ethics-Honors (PHIL 114H)
•    Intro to Sociology-Honors (SOCI 101H)


Spring 2022 Honors Options:

•    BIOL 124-Human Anatomy & Physiology I
•    BIOL 125-Human Anatomy & Physiology II
•    BUSI 131-Business Law
•    CISY 254-Data Structures
•    MATH 251-Calculus III
•    MRKT 101-Principles of Marketing


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