Transfer After RVCC FAQs

Transfer After RVCC FAQs

I'm getting ready to transfer to a four-year institution. What should I do?

  • Make an appointment to meet with a transfer counselor in Advising and Counseling Services to discuss all of your transfer options.
  • Find out about Transfer Workshops and Instant Decision Days and attend these important events.

Will the transfer school take my credits?

Students should refer to the four-year institution for specific answers regarding how RVCC credits will be accepted to the receiving institution. RVCC credits have transferred to hundreds of schools around the country, as our academic programs are fully accredited.

Also, you can utilize NJ TRANSFER to determine the transferability of your RVCC courses to participating colleges and universities in New Jersey. Many out-of-state colleges have evaluated RVCC courses and posted transfer equivalencies. Such transfer equivalencies databases are usually posted on their website in a transfer admission section.

What services does the college provide for students to assist in transferring?

Advising and Counseling Services sponsors "Transfer Days" where dozens of four-year schools come to our campus to meet with RVCC students. In addition, schools participate in "Instant Decision Days", where students will find out that day if they are accepted to that four-year institution.

Transfer Counselors are available to work with students on an appointment-only basis for in-depth transfer questions, and drop-in counseling is available for quick questions. For an appointment with a Transfer Counselor please call (908) 526-1200, ext. 8336 or 8330.

Can I earn a bachelor's degree or other advanced degree on the RVCC campus?

Yes. RVCC offers a University Center where participating four-year colleges offer bachelor and some masters programs on the RVCC campus. For complete information about the University Center, click here.

My transfer school needs me to complete a Disciplinary Records Request or Dean of Students form. Where can I get it filled out?

To request a Dean's Certification or signature on a Transfer Application or Disciplinary Records Request, please use the link below to submit your request to the RVCC Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. If you have any questions you can contact the Dean of Student Affairs at DOSS@raritanval.eduSubmit Request

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