Post a Job or Internship

Post a Job or Internship

Talented Students Seeking Employment


Raritan Valley Community College is eager to connect talented students with jobs or internships at your company or organization.

Consider an intern to assist you in completing your projects. Interns can possess up-to-date training and skills to meet your needs in such areas as accounting, biotech, business, events planning, finance, marketing, paralegal, graphic arts, criminal justice, computer networking & support, web development and more.


What is Cooperative Education?
Commonly known as a “co-op”, it provides academic credit for a structured job experience which is supervised by a Faculty Program Coordinator. It is a college experience in which students work part-time, acquiring academic credit along with on-the-job training directly related to their academic major and career interest. Students will register and pay for a Co-op.

What is an internship?
An internship is a career-related work experience during which a student assumes a meaningful, challenging role outside the traditional college environment. Internships are mutually beneficial to both employer and student, however, there must be a mentoring component to fulfill the requirements of a college internship. Internships are more flexible than Co-ops since they are not tied to an academic semester. Start date and end date is determined by employer and student.

What are the advantages of hiring a college intern?
RVCC interns bring the latest skill sets to the workplace, along with their enthusiasm and motivation. In combining college coursework with hands-on experience in their chosen career, they develop abilities in not only their specific field of study, but also in communication, critical thinking, and the ability to work in a team environment. The internship experience provides a win-win for both the employer and the student.

There is never any charge for an employer to post an internship or job opportunity with RVCC.


Criteria for Internship Positions:

  • Job duties must be quality-based, for the purpose of practical instruction in the student's chosen field of study/career. Menial work is not acceptable.
  • A mentoring component is essential to the internship experience.
  • Student interns will be expected to follow established company rules and regulations which have been clearly stated and presented to the student in writing.
  • Hours of work and rate of pay will be decided between the intern and the company and clearly stated in writing.
  • Placement can be short-term, long-term, and indefinite or internship-to-direct hire.
  • Interns will never be asked to skip a class in order to meet employer demands.
  • Should any problems arise with the intern, the company must immediate notify Alicia Hermo-Weaver at 908-526-1200 x8213 or

Employer Benefits

  1. Academically trained, enthusiastic students who are amenable to training and criticism
  2. Quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions.
  3. Establishment of a relationship with RVCC Career Services and receive assistance with other placement needs.
  4. Reduced training and recruitment costs.
  5. Provides the opportunity to evaluate potential employers with long-term commitment.
  6. Helps employers with seasonal needs, short term research studies and special projects.
  7. Frees up professional staff to maximize their contributions and pursue other projects.
  8. Open opportunities for future college/employer collaboration.
  9. Year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  10. Students bring new perspectives to old problems.
  11. Marketing tool for your company enhancing visibility of your organization.

Successful Internship Tips

First Steps:

  • Determine the needs of your organizations and obtain employee buy-in
  • Familiarize yourself with legalities surrounding student interns
  • Develop a position description and compensation plan for the student intern
  • Post the position on College Central Network –
  • Interview students for internship positions just as you would potential employees
  • Provide candidates with a comprehensive job description
  • Once an offer is extended, discuss and make available in writing pay rate and frequency, benefits/perks.
  • Provide orientation for student interns with a check list to ensure essential points of company operation and job duties are addressed.


Key Items to Cover with New Student Intern:

  • Introduction of intern to staff
  • Office equipment operations
  • Confidentiality and security agreements
  • Safety issues
  • General code of conduct
  • Dress code, normal business hours, lunch and break times
  • Parking arrangement


Introduce intern to his/her mentor/supervisor, who will:

  • Work with student to arrange weekly schedule
  • Schedule meetings with student on a regular basis
  • Develop clear expectations and provide timely and constructive feedback on a regular basis
  • Provide student with challenging, meaningful work. Menial tasks may be a portion of intern’s assignment, but the bulk of the work should provide the student with practical, hands-on experience in their field
  • Treat student intern as a valuable member of the company team
  • Educate intern on the history, operation and mission of the company
  • Invite intern to attend appropriate meetings and presentations
  • Ensure mentor/supervisor is available and open to questions. Remember this is a learning experience for the student. Regular meetings are highly suggested.
  • Keep an on-going performance file on each intern for future reference


Did you remember to?

  1. Complete an evaluation and review with the intern upon completion of internship.
  2. Remember to address any issue that may arise with both the intern and RVCC’s Internship Coordinator.
  3. Go to your College Central Network Employer Page and let us know if you hired an RVCC Student!
  4. Let the Internship Coordinator know when your position has been filled, when the internship has ended, and if you have other internships you would like to post.
  5. Answer a brief survey for our office about the satisfaction of your experience.

Post a Job or Internship

To register and post your position:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Employers” 
  3. Then click “Create Account.”  
  4. Register and create an Access ID
  5. Submit” your information


After your registration is approved you will:

  • Receive an email explaining how to
    Activate your account
    And create a password – you will be given the link
  • Once you have done that you can post your position simply by clicking on “post a position


You will have a homepage where you can list and expire multiple positions as well as report your RVCC hires to us!

On-Campus Recruitment

Reserve a Recruiting Table
Employers -- Talk to and recruit potential employees on the Raritan Valley Community College campus. Tables are conveniently located in a high traffic area (usually adjacent to the cafeteria or bookstore). To reserve a table on Campus, contact the Career Services Office at or 908-526-1200 x8934.

Contact Information - Jobs/Internships

Alicia Hermo-Weaver, M.A., GCDF
Coordinator for Internships and Cooperative Education
908-526-1200 x8213

Full & Part-Time Positions
Michelle A. Amparbin, M.P.A.
Career Services Advisor

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