Transcript Request

Transcript Request

Welcome to RVCC’s new transcript ordering service.  The College uses Parchment Inc. as its authorized agent for processing all transcript requests, collecting fees, and fulfilling electronic transcript orders.  Parchment is a leader in this field and offers a secure means of ordering and tracking transcript requests that will result in faster and more secure delivery.  

With Parchment, students are now able to send an electronic transcript ("eTranscript"), which is a certified PDF of an official transcript, to any valid email address.  The document displays a blue ribbon on the notification bar across the top of Adobe Reader, ensuring the recipient that the digital signature is authentic and the contents of the eTranscript have not been altered.

The eTranscript is normally delivered to the designated recipient within hours after being requested and the status of each transcript request can be tracked by the student through his/her Parchment account.

Transcripts can be ordered on the web.

What are the advantages of sending a transcript electronically through Parchment?  

  • You have the ability to send an eTranscript to any email address in the world.
  • ETranscripts are normally delivered to an address within hours.
  • Email notifications of changes in the transcript request’s status will be sent to you.
  • You can track a transcript throughout the production and delivery process, including confirmation that it was delivered to a specified email address, online.
  • There is 24x7 service, which means that requests for eTranscripts will be sent over weekends and holiday breaks.
  • The risk of an eTranscript being lost is reduced.
  • The security of your educational record is increased

What is the charge for ordering a transcript?

Electronic transcript           $10.00
Paper transcript - Mailed    $12.50
Paper transcript - Pickup    $12.50

Payment is required at the time the order is submitted.  Payment must be made using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.  Once the transcript request has been successfully processed, the payment will appear on your credit card statement as “Parchment Exchange, Inc.”

Attendance prior to 1999

Electronic transcripts can be produced for academic records dating back to 1999.  Transcripts for academic activity prior to that are only available in a paper format.  All transcript requests irrespective of the period they cover must be made using the Parchment web site.

Transcript Options

Order options

  1. Paper transcripts - Mailed via first class mail, processed within five business days.
  2. Paper transcripts – Pick-up in the Enrollment Office, are available within five business days.

Can I request an unofficial transcript?

No, only requests for official transcript orders will be processed.  Unofficial transcripts can be accessed and printed by current students (a current student is defined as a student who has registered for academic courses withing the last three years) by going to the Lion’s Dens, and accessing the "Unofficial Academic Transcript" tile.

Can someone else pick-up my transcript in the Enrollment Center office?

Yes, either the student or a third party can pick-up a transcript.  Students are required to present a photo ID.  Someone other than the student will need to present a written authorization from the student along with a photo ID.

Before Placing a Transcript Order

What happens if I have a hold on my account?

Your transcript order will not be processed if you have a hold on your account that prevents a transcript from being issued.  If a hold is associated with your account, the message, “The following Transcript Restrictions were found on this record,” will be displayed when you attempt to order a transcript.  

Can I order my official transcript before the semester ends and request not to have it sent until my final semester grades are posted?

Yes.  When ordering your transcript, you have a “Hold for Grades” option.  If you select this, your transcript will not be sent until all of your grades have been recorded.  Keep in mind that Incomplete (“I”) grades are considered to be final grades and will not prevent your transcript from being sent.

If I am graduating, can I order my final transcript before graduation?

Yes.  Parchment offers a “Hold for Degree” option.  Final transcripts displaying your awarded degree are normally sent three weeks after the completion of final exams.  We recommend that you confirm that your degree has been recorded through your Lion’s Den account (Student Services tab, Registration and Record Tools section, select View Academic Transcript) before placing your order.

In order for a transcript order to be held until degree information has been added (Hold for Degree), a graduation application must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office.  If a graduation application has not been submitted, then the transcript order will be processed upon receipt.

Placing a Transcript Order

First, create a Parchment account

Once you’re certain that your name and date of birth are correct in the RVCC data system, click here to create your account.

Enter all of the required fields, which are identified with an *.  Although not required, entering your RVCC G number and the dates you attended RVCC will help in rectifying any difficulties that may occur with a transcript request.  

*** Be sure to use your personal email address since you’ll need to use this account after you’ve moved on from RVCC.  

Place your order 

Prior to placing your order, be sure to clear any holds (financial, library fine, etc.) on your account that may prevent your request from being processed.

Click here to log on. 

Select the institution or click on “Send to Yourself, Another Individual, or Third Party” to enter a specific email address.  If you select a college, the email address to which the transcript will be sent is displayed.  If this is not where you want to send the transcript, click on the “Enter Your Own” button.  Confirm with the recipient that the email address is correct.

Next, specify how you want the transcript sent. The three options include “eTranscript,” “Paper Transcript - Mailed,” and “Paper Transcript - Pickup.”  Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll be brought to a “Product Description” page where you can complete the order.  

If a transcript should not be sent until pending grades or degrees are posted, be sure to indicate that the transcript should be held until the grades or degrees have been posted by selecting the “Hold for Degree” or “Hold for Grades” Processing Time option.

Review the items in your order and select one of the following options:
    “Update Shopping Cart” if you would like to make any changes
    “Continue Shopping” to add another transcript
    “Checkout” to continue with processing the order

Once you select “Checkout,” you’ll be asked to accept a FERPA statement, which serves as your consent to release your academic records.  

Enter your payment information using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit or debit card.  

Review the order carefully before you click on “Confirm.”  Confirmed orders CANNOT be changed.

You will receive an email shortly after your order has been submitted confirming that it has been received by Parchment.

What can I do if I forgot my Parchment login ID (email address) or password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, enter your email address and click on “Forgot your password?”  You’ll receive an email with directions on how to login and change your password.  If you’ve forgotten your email address, contact the Enrollment Services Office at 908-526-1200,8230 or send an email to

Is there a tutorial that will guide me through this process?

Yes, please click here

After Placing a Transcript Order

How will I know the status of my order and when my transcript is ready?    

Each time the status of one of your transcript orders changes, an email update will be sent to you.

Also, you can track the status of any transcript request by logging into your Parchment account and selecting the “Order Status” option at the top of the page.  The following statuses are displayed:

  • Pending – Order has been submitted.
  • Processing – The order has been received by RVCC.
  • Available – (Electronic documents only) The order is available for download.
  • Delivered – For eTranscripts, your order has been downloaded by the recipient. For paper pick-up, your transcript is ready to be picked-up.
  • *On Hold – Your order is on hold and cannot be released.  For further information, send an email to
  • Cancelled – Your order has been cancelled.

* Please note that transcripts are NOT ISSUED for students with outstanding financial obligations to the College.  To verify the status of your account, contact the Finance Office.

I requested my transcript to be sent to the wrong recipient/email/address. Can I correct my order?

No.  Once an order is submitted, it cannot be changed.  You will need to place another order with the correct address. 

How can I change my home address or password?

To change your address or password, log into your account and click on the “My Account” menu item displayed at the top of the page.  You’ll be able to edit your account information (name, phone number, year of graduation, address) or change your password.

Contact Enrollment Services:

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.  The Enrollment Services Office is located on the first floor of the College Center.  

Office hours are:
    8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

We may not be able to accommodate drop-ins less than 30 minutes before closing.

Fax: 908-704-3442

Mailing address:
    Office of Enrollment Services
    Raritan Valley Community College
    P.O. Box 3300
    Somerville, NJ 08876


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