Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Our RVCC community stands in solidarity with people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, faiths, countries of origin, and differently-abled people. We believe that racism and hate in any form toward any individual or group are unacceptable. We continue to strive to educate our community and beyond about existing structural racism and inequalities. We are dedicated to celebrating our diverse RVCC community.

Since 1981, the Institute for Holocaust & Genocide Studies has offered educational programs for educators, students, and the community. Through our unique programming, the Institute—a collaboration between RVCC and the Jewish Federation of Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren Counties—promotes historical awareness, cultural understanding, and addresses the implications of societal norms. The Institute offers educational seminars, workshops, and presentations for students and teachers about the lessons learned from the Holocaust and genocides that continue today. During the pandemic, we have expanded our outreach to include the broader community through our webinars.

The Morris and Dorothy Hirsch Research Library of The Holocaust, Genocide, and Racism is located on the second floor of the Evelyn S. Field Library at Raritan Valley Community College. Established in 1999, the library houses books, a video collection, reference materials for research and study, as well as an area for classroom instruction. This research library provides a wealth of information directly connected to the programs and events offered by the Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to visit, study, and research using these extensive materials.

Educational programs with speakers and survivors of the Holocaust and genocides are also offered to the community. "Learning Through Experience," the Institute's cornerstone educational program, began as a one-day program more than 39 years ago and has now grown into a two-day annual event. The program has educated more than 150,000 middle and high school students and educators who attend a unique series of guest speaker workshops addressing the Holocaust and genocide. For information regarding programming, resource information, or annual events, contact Michelle Edgar, Program Specialist (908) 526-1200, extension 8735.

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For additional information about programs sponsored by the Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Raritan Valley Community College, email Program Specialist Michelle Edgar at michelle.edgar@raritanval.edu  

The programs are being co-sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Somerset, Hunterdon, & Warren Counties, The New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, and the Holocaust Education Center of the Shimon and Sara Birnbaum Jewish Community Center. 


Montreal Exhibit

MONTREAL HOLOCAUST MUSEUM EXHIBIT: And in 1948 I came to Canada, The Holocaust in Six Dates

Oct 18, 2021 – Feb 4, 2022
In-Person or Virtual
Free & Open to the Public by Appointment
Location: RVCC, 118 Lamington Road, Branchburg, NJ

Join us for a virtual or in-person tour! RVCC Institute of Holocaust and Genocide Studies is Hosting The Montreal Holocaust Museum Exhibit, “And in 1948 I came to Canada, The Holocaust in Six Dates”.

Take the Virtual Tour

The exhibit opens on October 18, 2021, and will be on view until February 4, 2022. The exhibit is free and open to the public by appointment. To book your virtual or in-person tour contact, Program Specialist, Michelle Edgar michelle.edgar@raritanval.edu.

The six dates highlighted in the exhibit are:

1933 (Nazi rise to power and anti-Jewish laws)
1939 (Beginning of the war and creation of ghettos)
1941 (Invasion of the USSR and mass murders by mobile killing units)
1942 (Deportation to killing centers)
1943 (Resistance in its various forms)
1945 (Liberation and the post-war period)

The exhibit also consists of pictures of artifact objects and thirty minutes of Montreal-based Holocaust survivor video testimonies from the Museum’s collection. Appropriate for audiences of all ages, the exhibit will also be accompanied by a pedagogical guide for teachers, designed for students grade six and up.

School groups & community groups are welcome to book group tours. Please contact Michelle Edgar, Program Specialist 908-526-1200 x8735 or email michelle.edgar@raritanval.edu.



Holocaust & Genocide Institute
Holocaust & Genocide Institute
Holocaust & Genocide Institute
Holocaust & Genocide Institute
Holocaust & Genocide Institute

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