RVCC is committed to your success. We recognize that every student, regardless of academic record, may need some help from time to time with a particular subject or project. The Academic Support Center is here for you. We offer free drop-in tutoring and online tutoring services.


The Academic Support Center has two options for tutoring.

  1. Via our tutors by making an appointment
  2. Via Smarthinking

Please read below for more information on these two tutoring options

The Academic Support Center will have tutoring by APPOINTMENT ONLY through Microsoft Teams. Please e-mail us to schedule an appointment at kristin.gatti@raritanval.edu or donyea.sanders@raritanval.edu. We have appointments available Monday-Thursday from 9am to 8pm and Friday from 9am to 3pm. Please check the schedule to see when your subject is available for tutoring.

SMARTHINKING Online Tutoring

A 24 X 7 online help service in math, science, accounting, and business by non-RVCC tutors

To log in to your FREE account:

  1. Go to http://services.smarthinking.com or click the Smarthinking online tutoring link above
  2. Make sure to disable pop-up blockers for Smarthinking
  3. Enter initial login password and user name:

Username: 13raritanst
Password: sneakers

Tutoring Services
Tutoring Services
Tutoring Services