Explore Careers Through Guided Pathways

Explore Careers Through Guided Pathways

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Connect Your Personality
With Your Education Path

You know yourself best! So, take a moment to envision the future that you want for yourself. By understanding who you are, your strengths and your interests, you are taking the first step toward determining the career direction that is right for you. After all, if you connect your studies with a purpose that excites you, you’ll be more driven toward success.

So, give it shot! Choose the career category that best seems to fit your interests. Within each category, you will discover a wide range of related majors. It’s important to remember that choosing an academic major is not the same as choosing a career. There are many majors that can lead to a particular occupation.

You Know Yourself Best

Within each career category, you will have the opportunity to consider some questions related to that particular area of study. Depending upon your selection, some of the questions posed may include:

  • Have you been told you are patient, kind, and a great communicator?
  • Are you thinking about a health-related career?
  • Do you enjoy feeling helpful?
  • Are you interested in solving problems with current and emerging technologies?

The questions will help you refine your thinking and determine whether that particular area of study is a good fit for you. If it is, you can explore the variety of degrees available within that particular category. If the area does not feel like a natural fit for you, simply take a step back and look for another career category that may better align with your interests. Feel free to explore all of the career categories if you’d like! Sometimes it’s easier to find the ideal match through the process of elimination. More than anything, consider this an exciting time. The door to a new world is about to pop open!

The Benefits of Finding Your Career Direction Soon!

As you explore careers, RVCC will support you along the way. As your career compass, RVCC will help navigate you in the direction that is most gratifying to you. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Save Time and Graduate Earlier.

If your career trajectory is determined from the onset, you can efficiently focus your efforts on taking the appropriate classes, earning credits and counting down toward graduation.

Save Money.

Once you determine your career track, your money will be focused on the required classes that you need to graduate.

Work in Your Preferred Area Sooner.

Your professional dreams will become a reality sooner if you begin with a career game plan. With RVCC’s help and your hard work, you’ll be employed in your field of choice in no time!

Careers in NJ

From pharmaceutical and manufacturing to engineering and healthcare, New Jersey’s Hunterdon County and Somerset County boast some of the largest employers in the world. And, over time, the staff and faculty of Raritan Valley Community College have forged fruitful partnerships with these industry-leading organizations, providing RVCC graduates with internship opportunities and even employment upon graduation. If you are wondering, “Which college near me can jumpstart my life?” Without a doubt, it’s RVCC! Only Raritan Valley Community College has a pulse on the community and a close connection with local, thriving industries. RVCC knows that employers often view internship programs as the best path for hiring entry-level candidates. The benefits are numerous.

For instance, RVCC students who have completed internships are able to command a higher salary. With their hands-on work experience in their field, they get paid on average 6.5% more than those without the experience! Students also have the opportunity to test drive their career choice and develop skills in their field. All of this real world exposure leads to an increase in confidence, which is priceless. Lastly, RVCC students can make connections that help them in the future. The best part of it all is that RVCC already has the close ties with key employers in the Raritan Valley area. Therefore, RVCC students are already set up to win!

RVCC Is Quality
Education That’s Affordable

Enrolling at RVCC truly translates into a win/win scenario! After all, you will receive a high quality education at an affordable price. And, when you graduate, you will not be saddled with huge college debt like students at 4-year private and state colleges. So, make the wise choice now of enrolling at a college that helps you navigate the career path that is right for you and bridges you to real-life experience -- all at an affordable price. Choose RVCC!

Financial Aid & Scholarships

With a wide range of state, national and college financial aid options available including loans, grants and scholarships, RVCC tailors funding packages that meet your needs. In fact, every year Raritan Valley Community College awards $300,000 in scholarships to students based on academic merit or financial need. The staff at RVCC will leave no stone uncovered to support your academic road. Your success is RVCC's first priority!