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Whether you’re aspiring to be the next president or you just want to get involved in something bigger than yourself, student government is a great place to start. At RVCC, students are the backbone of campus life. If you think pioneering fundraising initiatives, hosting leadership seminars, and allocating funds for awesome and diverse school clubs with a group of your peers sounds like fun--our student government welcomes you with open arms. We’re always available to brainstorm, discuss, and activate any ideas you might have to improve life at RVCC.

Learn more about us below, and send us an email if you’d like to get involved!


About Me: Hi, my name is Nicole Chu and I am an advocate for human connection. Whether it is in campus or an entire community, being able to connect with others and communicate has always been very important to me. I dedicate my time to speak out and listen to people I know and do not know yet. I make investments to carefully listen to people willing to tell their stories and try to evaluate what each person needs. Attending Raritan Valley Community College with a diverse student population is aligned with my core values and appreciation of many cultures. As a student in this great college allows me to learn about different people with different stories. Each person has their own thoughts, hence I encourage them to share their opinions and empower them to use their voice.
Priority if Elected: Improve class development, develop a stronger social life, and encourage students to use their voice.

Why I Seek the Position: College is a chapter in our lives that we look forward to. Because of the pandemic, we are strongly suggested to take our classes online. Our campus became a ghost town. Not only has it made it harder to learn and be engaged, but it created a distance between students and our staff/campus. Remote learning almost made social-life impossible. Our college concerns almost seem invisible because we believe we are not being heard. I've always been a strong believer in community and connection, therefore, I am seeking the President position so I can truly make our college experience worthwhile and listen to what our students' seek in this chapter.

Why RVCC Students Should Elect Me: If I became the SGA President, us RVCC students can make this year very unique and significant. As president, I will take into account each and every one of your opinions. I strongly believe each student's opinions are very important and must be addressed and handled. Being president is not a one person job, therefore I encourage students to speak out. It will be my duty to listen to students' needs and accomplish them. Together, we can make an impactful, beneficial difference, especially during this pandemic. Together, we can make our college experience valuable and fulfilling.

Computer Science
Madison Pitts
Executive Vice-President
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About Me: Hi, my name is Madison Pitts. I am currently in the honors college as a freshman studying pre-med. I try to live my life through Christ. If I’m not doing schoolwork or catching up on Netflix shows, I’m most likely volunteering with my church or something related to the medical field. When I grow up, I aspire to be a physician’s assistant or a cardiologist. One of my favorite things to do is cook. My love language is definitely through food. I love trying new recipes and eating foods from different regions. I’m probably one of the funniest and most sarcastic people you’ll meet once you get to know me, so if you want a new friend my emails are open.

Priority: My priority when elected would be to get another college hour, so students are not put in a position to choose one club over the other. I want to make sure students are able to be involved in as many student life activities as they want.

Why I Sought the Position: I ran for SGA executive vice president to get more involved on campus. I noticed a lot of incoming freshmen and new students had no idea how to get involved on campus, and I was in the same predicament until I went to an involvement fair. Since the pandemic, a lot of clubs have died because were not on campus, but I believe that if student life did more to get students excited about the clubs at RVCC that problem would change. I genuinely want to seize every opportunity that RVCC offers me and help others do the same.

Why I want RVCC Students to Elect Me: Students should vote for me because I will make sure that their voices are heard and that their ideas and interests are prioritized. I will also do my best to be proactive with the task trusted of me so that students can have the enjoy there experience at RVCC.

Michael Alfieri
Vice President of Finance
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About Me: I am extremely honored to be considered for taking on such role here at RVCC. I believe fiance serves as the gateway to building better futures are through informed investing and fiscal responsibility. I look every day at the Wall Street Journal to see how the world is changing and dealing with arising problems. When I am not entirely focused on business/finance (which is rare), I do enjoy watching movies of all genres, but my all-time favorite has to be "The Godfather." I look forward to meeting everyone and hope to be the VP of Finance.

Priority: To teach students about the importance of financial responsibility as well as to potentially start an investing club at RVCC.

Why I Sought the Position: I think the understanding of money and finance is not discussed enough for most students at school or home and needs to be brought to the forefront of important discussions with the RVCC body.

Why I wanted RVCC Students to Elect Me: I hope to lead and innovate the student body at RVCC. I think the ongoing pandemic has created unprecedented challenges that I am not afraid to embrace.

General Business
Preston Clawson
Vice President of Information & Media
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About Me: Hi, I'm Preston Clawson! Started RV in the Fall 2020 semester

Priority if Elected: I want to keep all RV's clubs and organizations in order as best as I can. Part of that would be helping them go back to in-person classes (which I'm very excited for)!

Why I Sought the Position: I've experienced clubs fail to get members to show up to meetings due to either the lack of a way to get word out or cumbersome systems in place (I've been guilty of this part). As the SGA VP of Info & Media, my job would be to help plan events and make sure clubs are doing well. I think I'm well-suited for the job, since I'm a Computer Science major and all; I've been playing with those things for years.

Why I wanted RVCC Students to Elect Me: I've been told I tend to have a positive impact on people - whether you want to believe that or not is another thing entirely. I was a proxy for the current SGA VP of Info & Media and have taken on leadership positions before, including in High School and as the Dungeon Master of my D&D group (no, seriously, it's a lot of planning and keeping up with people. More impressive than it sounds). I've also been around computers my whole life!

Computer Science & Mathematics
Connie Looi
President of Activities Board
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About Me: Hi! I'm Connie and I'm currently a freshman at Raritan Valley Community College. I am interested in the sciences, primarily learning about the mechanisms of biotechnology and forensic chemistry. Outside of academics, I am passionate about art and enjoy working with different mediums such as graphite, watercolor, pastels, and digital art. I spent most of my time during high school volunteering at various organizations, from my local library to Brookdale, Red Cross, PetSmart, and Ronald McDonald House. I was able to create memory books for patients with dementia, write birthday cards for foster children, and cook warm meals for families at Ronald McDonald. I enjoy helping others, so feel free to ask for any advice!
Priority if Elected: Increasing student engagement and participation in classes, clubs, and other campus activities.

Why I Seek the Position: There are so many talented students at RVCC and I seek to help them flourish, whether it be through counseling or simply listening to their problems. I also want to offer more activities and programs that students would be interested in and more likely to contribute to. As a result, I hope this reduces their stress by offering a more positive outlook on the college as well as a source of enjoyment. I've participated in an SGA Meeting & I would like to contribute more in the future. Strong and valid points were made regarding financial issues and student interaction. I aspire to build my leadership skills, meet new people, and acquire new opportunities and experiences.

Why RVCC Students Should Elect Me: As a current member of the Student Life Activities & Planning Board, I understand the importance of community interaction and student engagement. I've seen the hard work and dedication that goes into organizing and hosting an activity, only to be wasted by a lack of attendance. I've contributed to multiple communities, and I have made so many valuable memories and experiences. I am a firm believer in setting my priorities straight. I will listen to and address the issues of the students. I am super friendly, so don't hesitate to discuss any troubles or challenges! I take pride in completing all of my tasks and goals in a swift and orderly fashion. Overall, I would be honored to be your next Student Life Activities & Planning Board President!

Biology & Chemistry


About Me: My background has shaped the person I am today. I grew up here in NJ, but have had the opportunity to travel through Europe while learning French pastry and doing volunteer work. My major is in Education and I would like to teach English and Grammar to high school students. I continue to have an interest in food and really enjoy the social aspect that food plays in our culture. As a Christian, I try to live a life that glorifies God and highly value the words of John 13:34, "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."

Priority: After fulfilling my primary duties as Senator, I plan to stay involved with different clubs and organizations to promote civic engagement. While we do not know what the future holds, I want to make sure that we are still able to help those in need during these uncertain times.

Why I wanted to be a Senator: I enjoy getting involved in leadership to help others. In Student Government, we have the opportunity to have a real impact on our fellow classmates and community. Being a 'people' person gives me the skillset to communicate and interact with others as is necessary for the office of Senator.

Why I wanted RVCC Students to Elect Me: Students should vote for me because I view this as an opportunity to help others and not just as an "extra" on a transcript. While I will not be able to solve all of your problems, I will do my best to share your needs with those who are able to make decisions that will have an impact on you. Vote for me, let me know what I can do, and I will do my best to fulfill your needs.

Education P-12

Meet the Advisor

Russell D. Barefoot
Director of Student Life
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Russell has been the Director of Student Life since January 2011 and truly loves working with student development in higher education. He has worked in Student Affairs since 1995 after completing his Master's Degree in higher education administration. In his free time, Russell loves to practice yoga, cook wonderful vegan food, be a DIY weekend warrior, and do yard work and house projects.

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