We believe everyone deserves access to high quality education regardless of your financial situation. The College awards $300,000 in scholarships every year to deserving students thanks to generous donations to the College Foundation. A wide range of scholarship opportunities are available based on academic merit and financial need. Special scholarships are available for adults who are attending college for the first time or returning to the classroom to pursue a new career. Scholarships can help with the cost of tuition, fees and books.

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The spring 2021 scholarship application period opens December 14, 2020 and will close on January 15, 2021.  There are a limited number of scholarships available to new students and students who did not receive funding in fall 2020.  Please visit https://raritanval.awardspring.com/ to apply.

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Abigail Fabiano

The National Science Foundation Galileo Scholarship

Chemical Engineering

Future Plans: Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

It was important that I received a scholarship from RVCC so that I could start my college career feeling confident that I can find ways to prevent college debt. The scholarships I received have allowed me to not have to stress about the financial aspect of college and to instead focus on my academics.


Jennifer Green

Arnold A. Schwartz Foundation Scholarship


Future Plans: Pursue of Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

There were books and other resources I would not have been able to obtain if it was not for the scholarship awarded…I am truly grateful to have been a recipient.


Jocelyne Munoz-Campos

RWJUH-Somerset Scholarship


Future Plans: Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

This scholarship was very important for me and my family to help pay for my education. Without it, I would have probably needed to get a loan and second job to pay for my classes.



Maria Yorleana Esquivel

Raritan Promise Scholarship

Health Science

Future Plans: Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition

The scholarship really helped me because I work two jobs to try to help my parents pay for my tuition. The scholarship helped me and my family. I am truly grateful.


Michael Allers

Affinity Credit Union Scholarship

Environmental Science

Future Plans: Pursue a Master’s Degree in Ecological Restoration

Being well into my 30's it is very important to me to move along my education path as expediently as possible. This scholarship has made that a reality.


Julia J. Collesano

Rose McConnell Scholarship

Social Work Major

Future Plans: Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

I have been through many different types of challenges my life. This scholarship gave me the confidence to do what I want and push forward in anything I will do in my life.