Department Overview
The Department offers 11 different disciplines that engage you in a rigorous examination of the human experience. You’ll develop critical thinking and writing skills that are essential foundations for success in college and in life. Our course offerings, both online and face-to-face, provide opportunities for you to learn more about the complexity of the world and how meaning is constructed through rigorous inquiry. Our faculty are actively engaged in their disciplines and offer opportunities for you to learn in the classroom and beyond. You’ll be able to take advantage of practical fieldwork experiences, campus lecture series, professional conferences and service to the community.

The central teaching and learning philosophy of our Department is to offer programs of study that are intellectually challenging and diverse. The diversity of disciplines in our Department promotes an understanding of the interconnectedness of academic fields of study.

Our graduates have continued their education at such prestigious colleges and universities as the University of Pennsylvania, Drew University, Vassar College, University of California and Rutgers University.

Exploring the Human Experience
Are you fascinated by the human experience? Do you want to learn more about the people around you and help shape their futures? Explore the range of programs offered by the Department of Humanities, Social Science and Education. The breadth of courses offered, combined with an engaged and dedicated faculty, will create challenging opportunities for you to meet your intellectual, educational and career goals.