Financial Aid-Academic Standards

Financial Aid-Academic Standards

Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students receiving financial aid from federal, state and/orRaritan Valley Community College sources must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress at RVCC to establish and retain eligibility for student financial aid. Enrolled students applyingfor financial aid for the first time must have been makingSatisfactory Academic Progress prior to applying for financial aidand must continue to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress minimumstandards.

Minimum Standards  

The RVCC Financial Aid office determines if you are making the SAP requirements by looking at three factors.   
1.   Grade Point Average (GPA)  
2.   The percentage of all the classes that you have attempted vs. the number you completed with a passing grade.   Withdrawals are included in this percentage.

This chart shows the minimum requirements that a student must meet to be eligible for Financial Aid.

Number of Credits AttemptedPercentage of Classes Completed vs. AttemptedCumulative GPA
48 or more67%2.00

3.   SAP also sets a time limit on how long you can receive financial aid.   You are allowed to receive financial for 150 percent of the actual length of your program.   For example, if you are a full time student pursuing an Associates degree (which is a two year program), for SAP you have three years to complete your degree.   Two years = 100 %, Three Years = 150%.   Once it is determined that a student cannot graduate within the 150% timeframe they will no longer be eligible for financial aid.  

Process for Appeal  

Students who have attempted at least 13 credits who are not meeting the minimum SAP requirements will need to appeal for an Academic Plan.  In the Appeal you will explain why you have not been able to meet the SAP requirements and what you plan to do to improve you academic standing.   Students will meet with an Academic Advisor in the RVCC Advising and Counseling department.  The student and the Advisor will come up with a realistic Academic Plan.   Once the Appeal for an Academic Plan is approved the student can receive financial aid.   Student’s must meet SAP within one year or will risk losing their aid permanently.    During the Appeal semester(s), you cannot fail or withdraw from any classes.   If this occurs the student will lose your financial aid for the following semesters and beyond.  

Financial Aid Cancellation  

If the student's appeal is approved and they then do not meet the terms of their appeal after one semester their financial aid will be cancelled. Students are encouraged to take courses at their own expense until they meet the minimum SAP standards.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid  

In order to receive financial aid, the student must meet the minimum standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students who have met the minimum standards of academic progress after their semester of financial aid probation will be eligible for reinstatement of their financial aid. Students who have met the minimum standards of academic progress at their own expense will also be eligible for reinstatement of their financial aid.

Withdrawals/Incompletes/Failures/Repeated Courses  

Students who withdraw from courses, receive a grade of incomplete, repeat or fail a course during a given term, will have these courses count towards courses attempted. An incomplete course is treated the same as a failed course. All repeated courses will be counted toward credits attempted when evaluating satisfactory academic progress standards.

Academic Renewal  

Federal Regulations make no provisions for academic renewal. All courses in a student's academic history will be reviewed in regards to financial aid eligibility.

Timing of Review  

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid will be reviewed annually once a student has applied for financial aid. For students enrolled in a certificate program, Satisfactory AcademicProgress for Financial Aid will be reviewed each semester. Determination will be calculated once grades have been calculated by the Registrar's Office each semester.

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