Department Overview
The English Department features a full spectrum of courses, ranging from developmental composition and reading; to advanced literature, writing, and interdisciplinary electives; to honors and online offerings. We serve the needs of students with a wide range of life experiences and academic preparation by providing:
  • Both developmental and college-level composition in a nurturing and outcomes-oriented environment. This approach helps you to develop, improve, and refine reading, writing, and analytical thinking skills needed for success in college, the workplace, and the wider world
  • College-level courses for high school students under the College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)
  • Advanced literature, writing, and interdisciplinary electives to give students the chance to study focused topics, fields of inquiry, genres, and/or periods in ways that allow for more advanced perusal of literature and diverse cultures

As a student you will be introduced to new experiences, ideas, and varied options for learning within an open-minded academic environment that both celebrates cultural and personal diversity and fosters collaboration and interpersonal understanding. You’ll gain intellectual sophistication in a rapidly changing world in which fields of knowledge are increasingly interrelated.

Effective writers are needed everywhere. The ability to write clearly and comprehend complex information is a universal skill that will serve you well, whether you enter the business world, academia, education, science or the arts.

Our graduates have transferred to such prestigious schools as Columbia University, Rutgers University, The College of New Jersey and Rider University.

Unpacking Your Potential
No matter what career goals you set, comprehending written materials – whether a technical textbook or a classic work of literature – is essential to your success. The English Department is dedicated to providing you with the skills you need to better comprehend all types of texts and write about them in a meaningful way. Rather than focus solely on fiction, our Department also helps you unpack works of non-fiction. This well-rounded approach can serve as a foundation for your success in college and beyond.