Career Coach

Career Coach

RVCC’s Career Coach is a free online search tool that lets you explore hundreds of potential careers. Select a career that suits your interests and learn about educational requirements, job prospects and wages – all localized to the tri-state region. You’ll also get to view current job postings in the area and develop your own resume.

Career Coach provides four areas of information to help you set your career goals:

Earnings: Regional wage information for specific careers, giving you an overview of the earning potential in that field

Employment Trends: The number of jobs in the area in a specific occupation and recent employment trends in that field, providing you with insight into the prospects for employment once you complete your education

Education and Training: The educational requirements for a career and the specific programs RVCC offers to help you start on your career path

Job Postings: Current regional job postings, providing you with a better understanding about jobs in the field and what employers are looking for in their employees

Resume Builder: A tool that helps you create your own resume, tapping into expert advice on how to best present yourself to future employers

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