Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Raritan Valley Community College,

diversity, equity, & inclusion are and always will be an institutional priority.

It is central to our mission as an educational institution to ensure that each member of our community has access and opportunity to prosper in our environment. We believe that diversity, inclusion, and equity are key to educational excellence and the advancement and liberation of knowledge.

Raritan Valley Community College values all aspects of diversity including by not limited to race, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sex, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status, and political and philosophical perspectives. We rely on diversity to enrich the intellectual environment for students and employees. We support educational access and opportunity by recruiting and retaining a diverse college community. We foster diversity by developing and maintaining curricular and social programs that infuse the contributions of all people, and by preparing students to excel and lead in a global society.  

Our Shared Ground


We respect each other. We commit to engage with and listen to our community in meaning-making and purposeful diverse perspective and dialogue. 


We commit to integrity, fairness and good faith. We empower our community by believing that through collaboration and participation, each of us has an important role in determining the direction and well-being of the community.  An empowered community leads to an innovative community. We know that new strategies and initiatives are necessary to further enhance our work and commitment to being a community that is always learning and growing.  


We encourage open dialogue and commit to ensuring that all members of our community feel heard and included. We provide equitable access and the opportunity to every member of our community to be true exemplars of our values. We commit to actively and intentionally promoting participation and co-design to invoke a sense of belonging and a "sense of place" for every RVCC community member. 


We commit to gaining continual awareness of our campus climate and culture, articulating our collective perspectives, identity, and institutional values; continuing to evaluate our experiences of power and privilege and adapting our approaches to stand together as a community.  

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Sisters of Success is a new group that is a branch from the Staff/Faculty group Sister to Sister. Sisters of Success (SOS) will specifically engage all students who identify as women of color and students who identify as our allies. We are focused on creating a safe space on campus while giving young women a community to feel heard and appreciated.


Sister 2 Sister is a group that is open to all staff, faculty, and administrators who identify as Women of Color or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Women and, all of our Allies. The intention is to foster an intergenerational affinity space for us to gather, break some bread, and share our wisdom with one another.


The Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is active in working with the College community to offer the following:

  • Pre-Planned Trainings for DEI

  • Departmental Professional Development for DEI

  • DEI Peer-Collegial Mentorship Connection

  • Student Internship Opportunities at RVCC

Those who would like to inquire about professional development are asked to use the request form.

Any questions about the other items listed above can be sent through email to dei@raritanval.edu.

RVCC Identity Centers

Established April 2022


The establishment of the Presidents Commission on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at RVCC, co-chaired by the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & the Director of K-12 Education. The President’s Commission on DEI will directly be involved with analysis of the Campus Climate Survey as well as strategic recommendations and direction for future DEI efforts based on the information collected.

The President’s Commission on DEI will also serve as a bridging group; inclusive of key stakeholders who are already leading DEI efforts at RVCC with the purpose of centralizing efforts, sharing information transparently and across disciplines and assessing results of any implemented changes to determine future recommendations, adaptations or steps. The goal is to intentionally come together to develop a unified vision and collective DEI institutional identity. The Commission will work intuitively with the President to establish institutional DEI priorities and advise the President on DEI progress and emerging concerns or topics.

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Where is the Office of DEI located?

College Center, C-149

Who leads the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

Dr. Windy Paz-Amor is the Director of the Office of DEI; You can contact her via email at Windy.Paz-Amor@raritanval.edu.

Tamara Jones is the DEI Administrative, Marketing, and Social Media Assistant. You can contact her via email at Tamara.Jones@raritanval.edu.

When is the Office of DEI open?

The Office of DEI is open M-F from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

How do I plan a collaboration with the Office of DEI?

Simply email dei@raritanval.edu.

How do I volunteer for the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Email dei@raritanval.edu. Please include "Volunteer" in the subject line.

Does the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion offer Spanish speaking services?

Yes! The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can offer Spanish translation/ Si, Aqui Se Habla Español.

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