A Covid-19 Gap Year? Learn Why You Should Think Again!

Friday, July 17, 2020
A Covid-19 Gap Year? Learn Why You Should Think Again!

Like many recent high school graduates, you may be reviewing your academic options for the fall. One of the ideas that you may be tossing around is taking a Covid-19 gap year. If that’s the case, you may want to think again. Although the idea of exploring options for a year seems appealing, before making any decisions about putting your academic career on hold, it’s important to know all of your options first. Consider assessing the different types of learning options that are available to you close to home, so that you can visualize what your academic year might look like. An easy way to do that is to attend a Virtual Information Session.  Register today!  And, read on to learn why you should take a pass on a gap year.

Top 5 Benefits of NOT Taking a Covid-19 Gap Year


1. Stay Home…Sweet Home.

Covid-19 has certainly created limitations in 2020 and—in many cases—eliminated the option to travel for exploration or personal volunteer opportunities. Staying closer to home seems to be the destination of choice these days. And, while you’re home, why not rack up some credits by taking online classes at RVCC? The first day of classes is September 2, 2020. It’s not too late to apply!

2. Save Money!

If you are holding off on taking classes at a four year institution, you can instead opt to continue your studies at RVCC taking high-quality but low-cost classes. In doing so, you will be saving money while accomplishing your academic goals. It’s a win/win. You may also be able to take advantage of RVCC’s Transfer Agreements, which may allow you to transfer credits from RVCC to your four-year institution of choice. However, you should confirm that the credits will transfer by contacting your school prior to taking any RVCC courses. Also, you may want to inquire about New Jersey’s Free Tuition Program to see whether you qualify. You never know! Lastly, taking a gap year can carry a high price tag, especially if it involves traveling.

3. Stay on Track!

Taking one year off could interrupt your momentum, motivation and academic edge. Instead, keep moving toward your goal, even though this coming year may not be exactly what you had imagined. In a few years, you will be happy that you made the choice. Unfortunately, some students who take one gap year get sidetracked and never resume their academic plans. So, keep your eye on the finish line and apply now!

4. Maintain Your Circle of Friends.

If you decide to take a year off, you may feel isolated, especially if your social network is busy hitting the books. It may be challenging to keep in touch and maintain the same level of connectedness as when you were study buddies.

5. Remember, Time is on Your Side.

There will be opportunities for travel and volunteer initiatives in the future when options are less restricted. Keep a journal with your ideas, look for local opportunities to volunteer and revisit your gap year plans at a later time.

You can learn all about RVCC’s endless benefits by attending a Virtual Information Session.  Register today!  And, if you’re asking yourself: “Which state college or community college near me offers the best college degrees, certification programs and career training?” The answer is undoubtedly RVCC! Register today—applying is FREE!  For questions, contact College Admissions at 908-526-1200 x7009 or admissions@raritanval.edu.

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