Earn Pre-College Credits as a High Schooler with RVCC’s Jumpstart Pre-College Program!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
RVCC’s Pre-College Program for High School Students

Calling all high school juniors and seniors! If you want to get ahead this summer and earn college credits, RVCC has the perfect program for you! Attend RVCC’s Virtual Jumpstart Pre-College Program Information Session via a Zoom webinar to learn about all of the amazing benefits of RVCC’s pre-college program. Designed specifically for junior and senior high school students, this early college program allows you to jumpstart your college education with online classes at RVCC, earn credits and smoothly transition from high school to college.  Participate in one of the most popular pre-college summer programs available. Browse the courses here, and register now!

As one of the leading college programs for high school students, RVCC’s Jumpstart Pre-College Program is simply too good to pass up! Check out the many benefits below:

  • Save Money!

If there’s ever been a time to save money, now would be the time!  With RVCC’s affordable tuition you can save money by taking college courses now and then transferring the credits to a four-year college or university when you graduate from high school.

  • Gain the Competitive Edge.

Fulfill college requirements over the summer as a high schooler, and you’ll potentially be catching the eye of the Admissions Director at your dream college. Plus, the college credits that you earn can stay at RVCC or easily transfer to the college of your choice.  

  • Lighten Your Freshman Course Load.

Transition from high school to college with more ease by taking some college-level courses while you’re still in high school. This way, you can minimize your college workload and relieve some stress.

  • “Test Drive” Classes from the Major of Your Choice!

Through RVCC’s Jumpstart Pre-College Program, you can dip your toe into college life by taking required college courses in a particular major of your interest. You will not only get a taste of the major and complete courses that are required for your degree, but also earn college credit before leaving high school. You must have at least a 3.0 high school GPA to apply.

So, if you are asking yourself: “Which colleges near me have the best summer programs for high school students--juniors and seniors,” the answer is undoubtedly RVCC! Register today to attend the Virtual Jumpstart Information Session.  And, as an added plus, if you decide to register for virtual summer classes, applying is FREE! If you have any questions about the program, contact College Admissions at 908-526-1200 x7009 or email admissions@raritanval.edu.

About RVCC

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