Is Online Learning Right for You? Take the RVCC Quiz!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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You stream movies on your tablet, chill out with friends over video games and chat face-to-face with family via your mobile device.  So, why not consider online classes? Are you curious as to whether online learning is right for you?  Raritan Valley Community College can help you answer those questions and more!  Click here now for more details!

RVCC offers a wide range of more than 150 accredited online courses taught by instructors with advanced degrees.  Some of our most popular programs–including Business Administration, Business Management, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, English and Mathematics–offer 85% or more of the required courses online.   

Before you enroll in online courses, check out RVCC’s Online Learning Checklist below, which outlines the skills needed for succeeding in your online community college courses.  You should also take RVCC’s handy quiz to gain some insights!

RVCC’s Online Learning Checklist

  • Do You Manage Your Time Well?

As an online student, you will need the discipline to complete the required reading and assignments. Online courses actually take more time than classroom courses because they involve reading and writing instead of listening and speaking. Also, discussion posts and emails can accumulate quickly, so, daily attention is needed to keep up with the course communication.

  • Do You Enjoy Reading?

Information that you would normally hear and respond to in class is instead available for you to read. Good reading comprehension and the ability to read relatively quickly are essential.

  • Do You Enjoy Writing?

Unlike classroom discussions, online courses require that you exchange your ideas with the instructor and other students through your writing. Therefore, fairly good writing skills are needed.

  • Are You an Independent, Disciplined Student?

As an online student, you are responsible for your own learning path, working through assignments independently and monitoring your own progress.

  • Are You Organized?

Organization is the key to success and that is especially true in online learning as you need to keep track of assignment deadlines, test dates among other things.

RVCC’s stellar online courses just might be the answer for you.  Flexibility in learning is a key benefit especially if you’re balancing work and school. To learn more about RVCC’s offerings, click here.

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