Questions Answered at RVCC’s Virtual Open House


Questions Answered at RVCC’s Virtual Open House

Friday, October 1, 2021
Questions Answered at RVCC’s Virtual Open House

Thinking about attending Raritan Valley Community College’s Virtual Open House on October 9th at 10 am? Making RVCC’s Open House a priority ensures a smooth, easy transition to college life!

During the event, participants may apply for free, take a virtual tour of the campus, and hear from students and alumni. You also will learn about financial aid options, transferring to four-year schools after RVCC, early college programs, and potential career paths.

Think of RVCC’s Open House as the first step towards your new journey on the road to your dream career! Read on about all the questions you can get answered when you attend an Open House of one of the best community colleges in New Jersey.

What Classes Should I Take?

You may have a career in mind, or you may not, but either way, registering for classes may be a mystery to you. RVCC has career training programs designed in partnership with local industry. Solve the puzzle by learning more at RVCC’s Open House and put your career plans into focus.

Discover what courses you'll need to take to get you on the right path to earning the degree of your dreams so you can begin planning for your future. Get the inside scoop on everything from completing your application to signing up for your classes and deciding how it all fits into your career map, whether you're headed to a four-year school after RVCC or right to the working world.

At RVCC’s Open House, you'll learn more about our multiple programs that range from liberal arts to healthcare, to science and engineering, to computers, visual arts, and business—and so much more.

How Will I Pay for School?

Raritan Valley Community College’s Open House is the perfect time to get acquainted with the resources available regarding tuition.
Finances should not stand in the way of your education, which is why we have a number of ways to finance your education, so you can figure out which works best for you. Financial aid options for students include scholarships, loans, and grants. In addition, RVCC participates in the NJ Community College Opportunity Grant, which offers free tuition for students who qualify.

RVCC’s Open House can connect you with the right financial aid and answer your questions about how you can best finance your college education.

How Will I Know Where to Go on Campus?

RVCC may be the first college campus you've stepped onto, but even if it's not, RVCC’s Open House is the best time for you to virtually tour the campus and get a feel for where everything is located, so you aren't anxious on your first day!

Can I Take Online Courses?

You may need a more flexible approach to college. Whether you're working, have a family, or have concerns with the ongoing pandemic, we understand. RVCC has your back. Talk to advisors about a mixture of online and in-person courses or all online learning.

Going to school should be exciting and fun, not stressful. We'll help ease your worries by putting together the schedule that is right for you—everyone has different needs, and we want to give you the best chance for success!

May I Bring My Parents or Guardians?

Yes! Bring your parents or guardians to the RVCC Open House so everyone can get on the same page. We love seeing supportive parents and guardians who want to be involved in the learning process, and we even have a Guide for Parents and Guardians on our website. We're happy to answer all of their questions.

Find out about everything—from campus organizations and clubs you may want to join, to the benefits you get as an RVCC student (hint: lots of discounts at local businesses and even perks like our own campus optical clinic, to name a couple!) and tuition costs, course descriptions, and while you get comfortable at the best community college NJ has to offer. Register for the Virtual Open House here!

We can't wait to meet you! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Admissions at 908-526-1200 (Select Option 2) or