Rock That Open House with These Tips!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Community College Open House in NJ

The College Open House is a rite of passage for high schoolers and other prospective students. It goes beyond what any college website could offer by giving you a true peek into the campus culture and day-to-day environment. Plus it provides the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered regarding financial aid, academic programs, transfer opportunities and more. To help you make the most of the experience, we put together this mini guide on how to rock your next college open house. Be sure to register for the RVCC Open House here!

What to Wear

The most important thing to wear to a college open house is comfortable shoes. Also bring a jacket and an umbrella if there is a chance of rain. You’ll be doing a lot of walking around campus.

What to Bring

It comes down to personal preference, but here are some general suggestions:

  • Bring your parents or a friend. You’ll want to hear comments from those closest to you. They can also help you make sure you ask all the questions you need answered
  • A bottle of water
  • A pad and pen or laptop to take notes
  • A fully-charged phone for snapping pictures of the campus, storing contacts, and inputting important calendar dates
  • A sense of observation and an open mind. Take note of the campus culture and the general feeling you get from students, faculty and staff. Do they seem happy and engaged in what they’re doing? Does the campus seem welcoming? Can you picture yourself in this setting?


What to Ask

Be prepared with a thoughtful list of questions for the various people you’ll meet. Try to come up with topics that aren’t already covered on the college website, such as:

  • To an admissions specialist: What makes this school unique? What’s the typical process for transferring from community college to a four-year school? Is it easy to transfer credits?
  • To a financial aid specialist: What percentage of students receive financial aid? What types of college scholarships have your students received? Do you have a work study program? What’s the deadline for applying for financial aid? Do you need to be a full-time student to apply for financial aid?
  • To a professor: What are the strengths of your program? How large are your classes? What is your policy for office hours?
  • To a tour guide: Where are the best places to study on campus? Which off-campus restaurants and coffee shops are popular with students? How is the Wi-Fi here? Can I visit facilities that are not on the tour if I have a special interest—such as athletics or the arts?
  • To a current student: What’s the best class you’ve taken so far? What clubs or sports are you a part of? What do you like best about this school?
  • To alumni: How did you benefit from your college education? How easy was it to transfer credits to other schools? Why would you recommend this college to a friend?


Join Us!

Located in Somerset County, Raritan Valley Community College was rated the best community college in New Jersey by Come see what all the buzz is about at our Open House! This event will kick off your college admission journey with workshops, faculty meet-and-greets, campus tours and more.