Earth Day - The Joy of the Environmental Sciences/Sustainability at RVCC

Thursday, April 22, 2021
Earth Day/The Joy of the Environmental Sciences/Sustainability at RVCC

You love recycling, champion environmental causes like sustainability, and want to make it your life's work to change the world for future generations. Why not celebrate this month's Earth Day by registering at a community college that excels in environmental sustainability, and offers degrees and certifications in subjects like Environmental Science?
Discover the joy of combining your passion with your career by pursuing one of our degrees in Environmental Studies, and don't just talk about changing the planet — do it.

What Can a STEM Degree Offer You?

Getting a STEM degree at one of the best community colleges in New Jersey can make your transition to one of our top state colleges seamless. Raritan Valley Community College has been nationally recognized by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability (AASHE) for its campus sustainability initiatives. Along with a Silver STARS rating for its sustainability achievements, the College is the #6 community college in the US for its sustainability efforts, according to AASHE rankings.
If you're naturally interested in science, technology, engineering, and math but would also like to parlay your passions for sustainability and interest in the environment into a satisfying and rewarding career, choosing from our degrees in science could be what you're looking for.

Consider choosing a career path in NJ in one of these fascinating fields:

  • Environmental Science - Choosing to gain a certification in Environmental Science puts you at the forefront of the ever-changing world of environmental Our New Jersey community college can prepare you for a four-year degree at a state college, or another four-year school, that could allow you to ultimately work in the field as a researcher, an environmental tester, or a private environmental agency. The possibilities are endless.
  • Environmental Studies - This program encompasses a broad range of environmental classes that are some of the best courses to put you on a path to a successful career trajectory in various fields such as Environmental Law, business, activism, policies, or journalism. Conversely, you can use a degree in Environmental Studies as a stepping stone to a four-year institution or a state college degree in Biology, Philosophy, Anthropology, or Economics, depending on your own interests.

Courses You'll Love in New Jersey

Wondering what kinds of classes you'll take should you let your love of sustainability and the environment lead your career choice?
Here's a glimpse into some of the courses you'll enjoy at the best community college for Environmental Studies degrees and transfer programs.

  • Ecology
  • Introduction to Physical Geography
  • Environmental Science Applications
  • Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • The Environment and Climate Change
  • Genetics
  • Plants, Humans, and the Environment
  • Field Botany
  • Vertebrate Zoology

Is your interest piqued yet? Immerse yourself in knowledge and gain unmatched experience in the environmental field of your choice at one of the best-accredited community colleges in New Jersey.

Why Choose Environmental Science?

So, why should you go into a career in Environmental Studies?
Here are a few reasons why it's more important than ever for STEM students to bloom in the field of Environmental Science.

You are poised to make a big difference — not just locally, but globally. A career in Environmental Studies allows you to be at the forefront of big things, such as researching important issues like climate change and how our human habits affect sea life and vegetation, to name a few. You can be a part of an award-winning sustainability program, right here in New Jersey.
A job in Environmental Science won't keep you behind a desk; you could be out in the field, which could mean travel to exciting places, deep-sea diving, a fast-paced research facility, or the forests of another country.

Jobs in Environmental Studies are highly marketable. And the best part? Understand your environment and how we all make it better — and how we achieve more sustainable practices on our planet.

Start Now!

Celebrate Earth Day every day? Then why not turn your love of the environment into a job you'll love that can take you places and may even change our planet and your life.
Apply to RVCC if you're spending time looking up "colleges near me that offer Environmental Studies certifications," and you live near Hunterdon County or Somerset County.

Check out the programs we have to offer, and let the world know how much sustainability matters to you.