Top 5 Reasons Students Choose RVCC

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Top 5 Reasons Students Choose RVCC

Students—near and far—are quickly catching on to why Raritan Valley Community College is New Jersey’s best kept secret. Whether you work part-time or full-time while attending RVCC or are a full-time college student, the College offers courses year-round days, evenings, weekends and online to accommodate your work schedule and busy life. Beyond flexibility, the College’s benefits are numerous and worth noting. Check out the list below to see which benefits ranked in the top 5. Fall is quickly approaching so, take your first step toward unlocking a brighter future. Apply Today!

 1.High Quality, Affordable Education 

Cost savings is the most obvious benefit of choosing community college. As a result, RVCC students are not saddled with huge college debt like students at 4-year private and state colleges. According to the NJ Secretary of Higher Education, the average cost of tuition and fees in 2018-2019 was $37,935 for a NJ private college and $14,092 for a state college or university. Full-time students at RVCC paid $5686 in tuition and fees. At RVCC, you get the best of both worlds: high quality education without the high cost!

2.More Than 90 Transfer Agreements with an Easy Transferring Process

At RVCC, approximately 70% of students plan to continue their studies at a four-year college or university, so they are looking for a seamless process of transferring credits once they graduate from RVCC. In order to foster an easy transfer of credits, RVCC has more than 90 agreements with a wide range of 4-year colleges and universities from Cornell University to the University of the West of England. Lastly, RVCC has specially trained advisors to help you develop a transfer plan and guide you through the process. To learn more, click here.

3. Assistance with Financial Aid, Scholarships & Local Job Placement

RVCC’s campus is open to anyone seeking quality, higher education. With a wide range of  state, national and college financial aid options available including loans, grants and scholarships, we can tailor a funding package that meet your needs. Every year, RVCC awards $300,000 in scholarships to students based on academic merit or financial need. To learn more click here.

4.Top-Notch, Innovative and Devoted Faculty

On a daily basis, the faculty at RVCC approach their teaching with innovation, dedication and rigor. The College’s outstanding faculty members continuously strive for excellence in the classroom with engaging curriculum. Similarly, outside of the classroom, their accomplishments include critically acclaimed books, scholarly articles and performances, as well as national and international fellowships.

5. Small Classes for More Individualized Attention

While state schools are known for their giant lecture halls that can fit up to a couple hundred students, the average class size at RVCC is approximately 19 students. This offers an intimate setting for learning and one-on-one time with professors. It also allows students to get to know one another, fostering a sense of community.

If you are wondering: “Which accredited college near me meets all of my needs?” The answer is: “RVCC!” The list above only features 5 benefits for choosing RVCC, but there are far more! See for yourself why RVCC is so outstanding. Click here now to learn more!

RVCC has been ranked the best community college in NJ by,,, and Washington Monthly ranked RVCC eighth in the country in the category of “Best Colleges for Adult Learners (2 Year Colleges)” for 2018. As a leading state college in New Jersey, RVCC serves students locally from Somerset County and Hunterdon County, across the country, and around the world, offering top degree programs and the best local career training. For information, visit