Top 5 Tips to Making the Most of RVCC’s Fall Open House

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Top 5 Tips to Making the Most of RVCC’s Fall Open House

The word is out!  Raritan Valley Community College is your best choice for a high-quality, affordable education with a wide-range of program offerings. To learn about all RVCC offers, attend an Open House or Information Session. In only a few hours, you’ll learn everything that you need to know! To help you prepare, here are some handy tips for getting the most out of your RVCC Open House. Registration today, click here.

Tip#1:  Do Some Research

Before you attend RVCC’s Open House, get a feel for its diverse academic programs, athletics, student activities and more by spending a bit of time on the College’s website.  Also, this interactive map can help you find the RVCC Event/Conference Center, where the Open House takes place.

Tip#2:  Create a List of Questions

You can never ask enough questions!  After you check out RVCC’s website, create a list of questions and group them by categories such as: Financial Aid, Academic Programs, Workforce Training Programs, etc.  Below are some samples. You can fill in the rest according to your interests.

Sample Questions for RVCC’s Open House:

Financial Aid

RVCC’s Financial Aid Specialists welcome anyone seeking a quality higher education, and they are incredibly helpful in navigating you through the process. As a first step, you may want to ask:

  • Which state, national and institutional financial aid options, loans and scholarships might I be eligible for when I enroll?
  • Do I qualify for RVCC’s Free Tuition Program?
  • What are the key deadlines that I need to know?

Academics Programs

Before the Open House, explore RVCC’s catalog to see which programs interest you and tailor your questions accordingly. You should also cover general topics.

  • What sets RVCC apart from other community colleges?
  • How easy is the enrollment process?
  • Which RVCC Academic Programs are in most demand by employers?
  • How easy is it to transfer credits to a four-year institution?

Workforce Training Programs

RVCC works with the local industry to offer a variety of high-quality, affordable career training programs with a proven track record of success. After you review the Workforce Training Programs, create a list of questions for your career area of choice as well as:

  • Which programs result in employment upon graduation?
  • What services are available for adults returning to the classroom?
  • How does RVCC help with job placement?

Tip #3:  Bring a Friend or Family Member to RVCC’s Fall Open House

A second pair of ears and eyes alongside you the day of the Open House is quite helpful.  After all, a friend or family member can remind you to ask certain questions and ensure that all of the important information is captured.

Tip #4:  Connect with Current RVCC Students 

While on your tour, introduce yourself to existing RVCC students and ask them why they chose the College. You can also ask RVCC Admissions Representatives how you can meet a student currently enrolled in your area of interest.

Tip #5:  Capture the Moment

Come prepared to take notes, snap photos and capture video. Later, you can debrief with your family and friends. Remember to be in the moment, enjoy your experience and think: “RVCC in 2020!”

If you are wondering: “Which fall college open houses are taking place near me?” The answer is: “RVCC!” With our extensive catalog of academic and workforce programs, we’ve definitely got something that is perfect for you! Take the first step and visit us for an Open House or Information Session.

RVCC has been ranked the best community college in NJ by,,, and Washington Monthly ranked RVCC eighth in the country in the category of “Best Colleges for Adult Learners (2 Year Colleges)” for 2018. As a leading state college in New Jersey, RVCC serves students locally from Somerset County and Hunterdon County, across the country, and around the world, offering top degree programs and the best local career training. For information, visit