Be Our Guest! Visiting Students Can Earn Extra Credits This Summer at RVCC

Thursday, December 28, 2017
Transfer Credits This Summer at RVCC

You grew up in New Jersey and your parents still live there—but you decided to go to college away from your hometown. Maybe you attend a state school and live on campus, or perhaps you go to a four-year university out of state. Either way, you’re planning to be back home in NJ this summer and are thinking about how to spend your days (besides the shore, of course). Here’s one of the best-kept secrets in the college world: Take summer classes at a local community college, then easily transfer credits back to your home school. Raritan Valley Community College is the best place to do it—our courses are highly regarded and the credits you earn can easily transfer to your home college. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of being a visiting summer student at RVCC.

  • You’ll save money.

By knocking out credits at RVCC over the summer, you’ll save a substantial wad of cash. For Summer 2019, in-county tuition at RVCC is just $153 per credit, and out-of-county tuition is just $198 (plus applicable fees). Compare that to the average of $325 per credit for state schools or $1,039 per credit for four-year private institutions (Source:, and you’ll see that earning summer credits at RVCC is a smart investment.

  • You’ll be able to focus.

Have a difficult required class that you’ve been putting off because your semesters are so hectic? As a visiting student, you’ll be able to tackle a single, challenging subject and cross it off the list when life is less busy.

  • You’ll preserve your GPA.

Visiting students can typically take courses on a pass/fail basis—which means you can receive credits and fulfill program requirements without affecting your GPA!

  • You’ll be able to transfer credits easily.

Colleges and universities in New Jersey and across the country recognize the high quality education RVCC offers and freely accept RVCC credits.  Students are encouraged to get prior approval from their home school before signing up for a class at RVCC.  

Ready to Explore?

Summer will be here before you know it. To check out RVCC’s summer courses, click here, select “Course Schedule,” and choose “Summer 2019” from the drop-down menu. To view our step-by-step checklist for enrolling as a visiting student, click here.

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