Which Jobs are Surging in a Covid-19 Economy?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Which Jobs are Surging in a Covid-19 Economy?

As 2021 approaches, we welcome a new year filled with new beginnings and exciting opportunities. It’s also a perfect time to pause and consider which jobs have remained in great demand in the new economy. If you’re looking for a new job or need to pivot to a new career, Raritan Valley Community College offers affordable, high-quality education and a broad range of programs, with in-person, hybrid, and online classes. To learn more, be sure to register for RVCC’s Virtual Open House on November 12th at 6 pm or apply now! And, read on to explore some key in-demand careers, their salaries, and opportunity for future growth.*

Supply Chain Management

We all learned the importance of supply chains during the height of the pandemic when we could not easily access meat, toilet paper, and yeast, among many other items. And, jobs in Supply Chain Management continue to grow as e-commerce becomes the shopping method of choice. How can RVCC help you?  The College’s Supply Chain Management Program offers vital knowledge in this area such as distribution strategies, planning, procurement, and communication skills.

  • Median salary in 2019: $74,750/year ($34/hour)
  • Expected growth by 2028: 5% (8,400 jobs)


Before the Coronavirus, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics expected over a half-million new RN jobs to be created by 2022. Since then, the virus has driven up the demand and pay for this timely profession. RVCC’s Nursing Programs are highly respected and accredited by both the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN) and The New Jersey Board of Nursing. The College offers two options for becoming a Registered Nurse (AAS Degree in Nursing): The Registered Nursing Program and The Practical Nurse-Bridge to RN Program. Learn more here.

  • Median salary in 2019: $73,300/year ($35/hour)
  • Expected growth by 2028: 12% (371,500 jobs)

Information Technology

Technology touches every area of our lives, from the infrastructure that carries messages across the globe and the desktop computers that run the world’s businesses, to the phones we carry and the systems that manage our health and beyond. And, jobs in this sector have never been more sought-after than during the pandemic. At RVCC, you can explore such engaging Technology Programs as: Computer Science, (A.S.); Information Systems and Technology, (A.S.); Interface Design and Web Development, (A.S.); and Computer Networking and Cybersecurity, (A.A.S.), among others.

  • Median salary in 2018: $105,590/year ($51/hour)
  • Expected growth by 2028: 21% (284,100 jobs)


Between working from home, family demands and increased stress levels, many are turning to virtual fitness to stay healthy and sane. As a result, the need for fitness instructors and trainers has increased. If this is a career direction that you’d like to pursue, check out RVCC’s Certified Fitness Specialist Program. It will get you moving in the right direction!

  • Median salary in 2019: $40,390/year ($19/hour)
  • Expected growth by 2028: 13% (45,700 jobs)


Nearly every organization has a need for Marketing in order to raise its brand visibility and grow its business. Does this high energy, client-facing career sound compelling to you? If so, RVCC can help you learn the practical knowledge and skills essential for employment in organizations involved in the marketing of goods or services. The College offers the following degree programs: Marketing Option in Business Administration (A.S.) or Marketing Option in Business Management (A.A.S.).

  • Median salary in 2019: $135,900/year ($65/hour)
  • Expected growth by 2028: 8% (21,800 jobs)

Are you interested in learning about other programs? If so, explore RVCC Majors and Careers today. And, if you’re wondering: “Which state college near me offers the best college degrees, career training or certification programs?” It’s definitely RVCC! Attend RVCC’s Virtual Open House on November 12th at 6 pm to learn about RVCC’s many benefits. Register Now!

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*Source: Acorns + CNBC; May 6, 2020.