Top 6 Reasons Why NJ High Schoolers Choose RVCC’s Honors College

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Why NJ High Schoolers Choose RVCC’s Honors College

Are you a high-achieving high school student searching for an affordable yet challenging college experience that nurtures critical thinking, academic excellence, and comradery? If so, RVCC’s Honors College is a great choice for you! Providing an enriching, rigorous academic environment across a variety of disciplines, RVCC’s Honors Program will prepare you for highly competitive four-year colleges and universities. Apply online, and to learn more, keep reading to learn why RVCC’s Honors College is in such demand.

1. Substantially Reduces the Cost of a College Degree

When you enroll at RVCC’s Honors College, you can save money and avoid huge college debts! You’d spend more than twice as much to attend a four-year public college in New Jersey and six times as much to go to a private NJ university. You also can start taking classes at RVCC and seamlessly transfer to top colleges and universities in New Jersey and across the nation.

2. Benefit from the Small Classes

As a student of RVCC’s Honors College, you can enjoy learning in a personalized classroom setting, which is limited to only 25 students per section.

3.Classes are Taught by a Select Group of Faculty

The caring, devoted, and accomplished faculty at RVCC’s Honors College have made RVCC a feeder school for prestigious four-year universities and colleges. Under the faculty’s knowledgeable instruction, you can experience challenging honors-level courses with an interdisciplinary focus. 

4.Experience a Truly Vibrant Learning Community

As an RVCC Honors College student, you are part of a highly selective group of like-minded students who share your curiosity, drive, and passion for learning. You‘ll get to go on cultural and educational trips with your classmates. Discover more about Honors College Admissions here.

5. Work with Dedicated Academic & Transfer Advisors

You’ll establish a close working relationship with RVCC’s dedicated academic and transfer advisors who are accessible, supportive, and invested in your future success.

6. Increase Your Transferability to Select Institutions

RVCC’s Honors College graduates are prepared to transfer to highly competitive four-year colleges and universities, including prestigious institutions such as: Georgetown University, Cornell University, and the University of Pennsylvania. RVCC also has special Honors College transfer relationships with outstanding four-year colleges—such as American University and Drew University—that increase a graduate’s chances of admission and transfer scholarships. These agreements provide a gateway for students to participate in an honors program at the four-year college or university.

If you’re wondering: “Which state college near me offers the best honors college programs?” Without a doubt, it’s RVCC. Also, if you are not admitted to the Honors College, you may still take individual honors courses if you meet the defined entrance requirements for such courses. To learn more, contact an RVCC Honors College Co-Director:

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