Why Study the Social Sciences?

Thursday, February 25, 2021
Why Study the Social Sciences?

Does researching human behavior interest you? Are you passionate about protecting the environment? 

What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? There are jobs, and then there are careers. A social science education and social science classes provide career pathways that are personal and meaningful. Apply Now!

Students who are interested in the complex relations between humans, society, and the environment find fulfillment in these careers. We invite you to explore potential careers and educational pathways here. Pathways is an online tool that assists students in their quest to discover what their goals are and how to get there. Find out if a social science education in NJ is the ideal career track for you. 

At Raritan Valley Community College, we offer the following degrees, which fall under the social sciences and are designed to transfer to a four-year college.  

Social Sciences, Associate of Arts

This path is primarily designed to prepare students to transfer into the junior year of a baccalaureate degree program in anthropology, criminology, political science, psychology or sociology. If you’re looking for a program to set you up for pre-law, social work, or public service, this is a great choice for you!

Environmental Studies

Is nature your happy place and you want to preserve it? Perhaps, fighting for policy changes related to climate change is your calling. Either way, Environmental Studies might be the place for you. Students go on to study law, journalism, activism, business and education. Biological and physical sciences are studied.

Liberal Arts, Associate of Arts

Liberal Arts students take courses in English, their own and foreign cultures, mathematics and science, the arts, the study of society, the study of ideas and a foreign language. This is a well-rounded education that prepares students to continue their education at a four-year college or university. It’s a great option for a student who is looking to transfer credits from RVCC to one of the top social work schools in the country.

As a social sciences student at RVCC, you will take introductory courses in such areas as Sociology, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, and Human Origins. For more information and class descriptions, you can check out a sample schedule of a social science student. 

If you’re considering a social work degree or additional social sciences’ careers, learn more about the social sciences and other programs available at RVCC, explore these opportunities on our career page

If you’d like to explore other careers outside the social sciences you can do that here. You’ll find questions to help you determine your interests and videos that show job  opportunities available in different career pathways. 

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