RVCC to Offer Make-up Certification Programs Focusing on Application, Bridal Make-up, Airbrushing

Monday, August 30, 2021
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Raritan Valley Community College is offering make-up certification programs this fall and winter for students interested in becoming make-up artists or licensed beauty professionals. The in-person, Make-up Designory (MUD) programs are being offered at RVCC’s Workforce Training Center at the College’s Branchburg campus

MUD programs provide students from around the world with a rigorous education in the intricacies of professional make-up artistry for film, television, fashion, theatre and retail. RVCC is partnering with MUD, which has campuses in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as globally, to offer courses in Beauty Essentials, Bridal Make-up and Airbrush.

Beauty Essentials: The 84-hour Beauty Essentials course runs Monday-Thursday evenings, October 25-December 9, from 5-8:30 p.m. No classes will be held November 24-25. The course offers an introduction to beauty make-up, with an emphasis on the techniques required in this multi-faceted industry. The program will introduce such topics as facial analysis, base matching and applications, correction, contours and highlights, focusing on application for eyes and lips. The course will finish with training in complete make-up applications, from 100 percent corrective to natural make-up. (Two extra sessions for missed classes are included in the listed dates.)

Bridal Make-up: Students who successfully complete the Beauty Essentials program, or have other related experience, may enter the 21-hour Bridal Make-up program. The course will run Monday-Thursday evenings, January 10-20, 2022, from 5-8:30 p.m. No class will be held on January 17. The course features the techniques employed in successful make-up consultation for a bride and wedding party members. The program focuses on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up business. (One extra session for a possible missed class is included in the listed dates.)

Airbrush: Students who complete the Beauty Essentials program, or have other relevant experience, may also enroll in the Airbrush program. The 35-hour course will be offered Monday-Thursday evenings, February 7-23, 2022, from 5-8:30 p.m. Airbrushing has become one of the premier ways of applying make-up. The 10-evening course focuses on how to properly apply, care for and maintain airbrushing in order to create beautiful, flawless beauty make-up that is being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients. (One extra session for a possible missed class is included in the listed dates.)

RVCC alumni discounts, scholarships and grants are available for MUD program students who qualify. After completing the RVCC make-up programs, students may continue their training at a MUD facility in New York City.

To register for the programs, visit https://www.raritanval.edu/make-up-artistry. For additional information about the programs and fees, contact Marcia Bird at 908-526-1200, ext. 8618 or marcia.bird@raritanval.edu.

RVCC is located at 118 Lamington Road in Branchburg, NJ. For further information, visit www.raritanval.edu.



August 30, 2021

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