Planetarium to Present Special Halloween Programs, Star Shows, Laser Concerts in October


Planetarium to Present Special Halloween Programs, Star Shows, Laser Concerts in October

Friday, September 9, 2022
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The Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium is offering programs for all ages in October, including Halloween shows, star shows, laser concerts, and even a Harry Potter-themed tour of the sky. The following shows will be presented at the Planetarium in Branchburg:

Accidental Astronauts, Saturdays, October 1 & 8, 3 p.m.
Robo-kids Cy, Annie, and their dog, Armstrong, get a lot more than they expected from their class field trip in an impromptu adventure. Travel along exploring the Sun, Earth, and Moon with a witty starship computer as navigator and guide. Race along on the surface of the Moon. Collect an asteroid sample in low gravity. Survive a solar storm. Find new appreciation for the unique beauty of Earth. Journey along with the Accidental Astronauts in this epic dome theater adventure. (Recommended for ages 4-10)

Laser Kids laser concert, Saturdays, October 1 & 8, 4 p.m.
Sing along to an updated playlist while lasers “dance” on the dome overhead. Songs include “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, “Levitating” by Dua Lipa, and “Can’t Stop this Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. (Recommended for ages 6-12)

The Sky Above (sensory friendly), Saturday, October 1, 5 p.m.
This sensory-friendly astronomy and music show, approximately 45 minutes in length, is specially designed for families with children on the Autism spectrum or those with developmental disabilities. Neurotypical children are welcome as well. The program, which is presented on a kindergarten level, is appropriate for audiences of all ages. During the show, the doors will remain open so children may freely leave and return if they choose. Lights will be left dim (instead of dark), and the audio will be lowered and kept at a consistent level. The show will include music, laser lights, stories, and information about the planets, the Moon, and constellations.

Astronomy Tonight, Saturday, October 1, 7 p.m.
Using the Planetarium’s DigitalSky digital theater, experience a guided tour of the night sky. Learn about some of the popular constellations visible from sunset to sunrise, as well as the stories behind them. Hear about how and where in the sky to find the brightest planets. Weather permitting, the 3M Observatory will be open after the show. (Recommended for ages 8-adult)

Classic Rock laser concert, Saturdays, October 1 & 8, 8 p.m.
You will probably recognize many of these songs from the albums and cassettes you may still have at home. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by BTO, “Heart of Glass” by Blondie, “You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth” by Meatloaf, and “Tom Sawyer” by Rush are just some of the tunes included in the show.

Sunset Meditation, Friday, October 7, 7 p.m.
How do STEM workers, NASA professionals, athletes, and business executives cope with stress? Mindfulness. Meditation is a powerful tool for maintaining psychological health and resilience. Since the Planetarium offers a dark and quiet space for relaxation, it is the perfect place for meditation. Enjoy a guided meditation experience in the comfortable, reclined seats in the RVCC Planetarium. View an amazing sunset as you travel virtually from the Grand Canyon to the North Pole. Then relax under a night sky filled with stars and glimpses of the Northern Lights. (Recommended for ages 10-adult)

Out There: A Quest for Extraterrestrial Life, Saturday, October 8, 7 p.m.
For thousands of years, we thought that we were the center of the Universe. Since then, science has taught us an astonishing amount about our cosmos. But even before we knew that our Sun was just one of many ordinary stars, people began to question if we were alone in the Universe. It’s not the question of whether life exists elsewhere, but where we will have to look, and how we will find it—out there. (Recommended for ages 10-adult)

The Skies over Hogwarts, Saturday, October 15, 3 and 7 p.m.
Join our eclectic group of witches and wizards as they guide you through a "Harry Potter"-themed tour of the night sky. Learn how J.K. Rowling used astronomy as the inspiration for some of her characters' names. (Recommended for ages 8 and older)

Fright Light laser concert (family version), Saturdays, October 15, 4 and 8 p.m., and October 22 & 29, 4 p.m.
The witches and ghouls continue to haunt the Planetarium. They are especially fond of our laser songs, including “The Adams Family Theme Song,” “Monster Mash,” and “Ghostbusters.” (Recommended for ages 8-adult)

Fright Light (PG-13), Saturdays, October 22 & 29, 8 p.m.
This show is not recommended for young viewers or those easily scared! The laser concert features such tunes as “Alive” by Meatloaf, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band. (Recommended for ages 13-adult)

Halloween: Celestial Origins, Saturdays, October 22 & 29, 3 and 7 p.m.
What do you associate with Halloween? Trick-or-treating, costumes…astronomy? After all, Halloween is an astronomical holiday! Learn the history of Halloween and how it fits into the seasons as a “cross-quarter day” during this new production. We will also explore the night sky and learn what planets, constellations, and stars will be visible on Halloween.  (Recommended for ages 8-adult)

Planetarium tickets cost $10 for one show, $18 for two shows back-to-back on the same day. Reservations are recommended, but all ticket sales are done at the door on the day of the show. Late admission to Planetarium shows is not permitted. For reservations and information, call 908-231-8805. For additional information, visit

RVCC is located at 118 Lamington Road in Branchburg, NJ. For additional information, visit



September 9, 2022

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