RVCC Employees Honored at 17th Annual Service Awards Program


RVCC Employees Honored at 17th Annual Service Awards Program

Wednesday, November 9, 2022
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Raritan Valley Community College recognized 41 employees for their full-time years of service and dedication to the College at the 17th Annual Service Awards Program, held on October 18.  The award program, the “Dandy Lion Service Award,” recognizes those with five-year increments of service based on the longevity policy.

The following RVCC faculty, staff, and administrators were honored:

Jill Erwin, Director of Theater and Conference Services: 5 years
Kimberly Meany, OTA Academic Field Coordinator: 5 years

John Radvanski, Director of Information Systems: 5 years

Joan Roop, Assistant Professor of Nursing: 5 years
Kevin Schindler, Planetarium Associate/Technician: 5 years

Rikita Singh, Director of the Center for Accessibility and Inclusive Education: 5 years

Min Su, Associate Director of Institutional Research: 5 years
Ardath Youngblood, Instructor of Nursing: 5 years

Izabela Zieba, Assistant Professor of English: 5 years

Peter Domanski, Technology Service Desk Technician-Senior: 10 years

David Gonzalez, Technology Service Desk Technician-Senior: 10 years
Isabel Gutierrez, Associate Professor of Psychology: 10 years

Janice Hansen, Department Assistant, Business & Public Service: 10 years

Patrice Marks, Dean of Division of Liberal and Fine Arts, Business & Public Service, the Adult Learners College, and Accreditation Liaison Officer: 10 years
Elizabeth O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Nursing: 10 years

Kathy Reilly, Instructor of Health lnformation Technology: 10 years

Kevin Riche, Director of Security & lnfrastructure: 10 years
Philip Strollo, End-User Computing Support Manager: 10 years
Marie Wicklund, Administrative Assistant, Student Life: 10 years
Anne Marie Anderson, Professor of Accounting: 15 years

Sara Banfield, Professor of Communication & Speech: 15 years
Donyea Collins, Director of EOF: 15 years

William Crosbie, Associate Professor of Computer Science: 15 years
Megan Dempsey, Professor-Librarian: 15 years
Jay Kelly, Professor of Biology: 15 years
Linda Romaine, Professor of Fitness & Wellness: 15 years

Cheryl Wallace, Vice President of Human Resources, Compliance & Security: 15 years
Jeffrey Warren, Counselor Ill: 15 years

Youngjun Choi, Associate Professor of Math: 20 years

Sharon Decker, Administrative Assistant-Service Learning: 20 years
W.  Michael Fagan, Associate Professor of Finance: 20 years

Nancy Fritz Mombay, Assistant Director of Admissions: 20 years

Chad Peters, Public Services Coordinator: 20 years

Christine Pipitone, Professor of English: 20 years

Donna Stolzer, Director of Media Relations: 20 years

Helena Torlish, Department Assistant, Communication & Languages: 20 years
John Wiedemann, Production Coordinator: 25 years

Rosemarie Arroyo, Executive Assistant-Technology Services: 30 years

Tomas Kovarik, Associate Professor of Math: 30 years

Walter Vroom: Media Aide I: 35 years

Glenn Ricketts, Professor of Political Science: 40 years