A firm believer in following one’s dreams, Alexa explored her passion for film at RVCC with outstanding results. Her student film won Top College Short Film in PROJECT FX, the Count Basie Theatre’s Statewide Student Film Festival. She was rewarded with an internship at Sony Pictures Classic in New York City.

  • RVCC Major: Film Studies
  • Transferred to: Montclair State University for Film Studies
  • Why I Enrolled: "I knew RVCC would give me a really solid foundation for the rest of my film career."
  • Favorite Thing about RVCC: "The student life at RVCC is incredible. I built so many bridges and made lifelong friends."

At RVCC, our student body is just as dynamic as our curriculum. With a diverse range of backgrounds, influences, passions and interests, our students are the driving force of the RVCC culture. Get to know their stories, celebrate their achievements, and follow along with their dreams.