Hannah C

RVCC Major:

Business Administration


I am a Freshman at RVCC. A few reasons that I chose to go to school here is because it is affordable and my sister attended RVCC. Also, I get to play volleyball. Getting to meet, spend time and bond with the volleyball team has been the best thing so far. I have met so many people and made a lot of friends.

Why I chose my program:

One of my professors played a big role in helping me choose Business Administration as my major. I greatly enjoyed her classes and could see myself finding and enjoying a career in this field.

RVCC Activities:

I spend the majority of my time focusing on volleyball. This year, RVCC’s Volleyball team made it to Nationals in Minnesota. It was great getting the opportunity to attend and play at Nationals. Our team continued to bond and grow closer as we spent a lot of time together during that week. Since we returned from Nationals, we have received non-stop recognition for our achievements.

Future Plans:

Since I am only a freshman, I do not have solid future plans yet, other than attending a 4-year school after graduating. With the amazing support and encouragement that RVCC provides, I know that my path for the future will become clear.

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