Liam Q

Graduated RVCC:

2016 with a degree in Nursing

After RVCC:

Juggled” an urgent care position with a part-time circus job. Also got married!


An ICU nurse at St. Francis Medical Center and starting the online BSN program at Walden University

Why I Love RVCC:

RVCC's nursing professors have an intense clinical background and really high standards. Some of them have 40 years of experience on the floors. They do a great job of preparing you for the boards. Nurses that come from RVCC have a great reputation for being solid.

The RVCC Advantage:

I really am grateful for RVCC and what I’ve been able to do because of how affordable and flexible it was. All of my friends have so much debt and I don’t. I’m in a more stable place because I don’t have student loans.

Ultimate Career Goal:

Combining my love of nursing and circus performance with a position at a renowned children’s hospital.

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