Shayna R

Graduated RVCC:

2016 with a degree in Chemistry and Physics

After RVCC:

Transferred to The College of New Jersey and recieved her Bachelors in Chemistry


Working on her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Drexel University

Why I Love RVCC:

RVCC has so many outstanding faculty and staff members who not only push their students to be the best that they can be, but also strive for a better community, whether that be better diversity and inclusion or better care for the environment. The professors will actually work with you, while at some colleges with class sizes at 100 or more, you would be lucky to ever see the professor outside of a lecture.

The RVCC Advantage:

Not only is RVCC affordable, the quality of the education is just as good if not better than many 4-year colleges. I felt challenged in almost every class I took at RVCC. My current professors have noted how well the RVCC transfer students seem to do, which says a lot about how well RVCC prepares their students for transfer

Ultimate Career Goals:

My ultimate career goal is to be a chemical engineer and work at an industry company and lead my own research team. Later in my career I would also consider being a professor at a college like RVCC or TCNJ.

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