Student Support

Student Support

Student are in

great hands at RVCC.

We offer a variety of support services to help ensure success in college and beyond.

Free Tutoring

RVCC offers free tutoring in most subject areas to get students through academic challenges.

Center for Accessibility and Inclusive Education

The Center for Accessibility and Inclusive Education provides students with disabilities the tools, reasonable accommodations, and support services to participate fully on campus.

Academic Advising

We offer a wide range of Academic Advising to help students succeed in college and plan for their future after RVCC.

Counseling Services

We understand that the college years can be challenging. RVCC has counselors on staff to support students with free, personal, short-term counseling and also provide referrals for outside providers and housing needs.

Transfer Counseling

If students plan to transfer to a four-year college or university, RVCC offers Transfer Counseling to assist with the process and help select a school that best suits their academic and career goals. We also have workshops to guide them through the process.

Resource Center & Food Bank

RVCC has an on-campus Resource Center & Food Pantry that provides a safe and welcoming space for students to learn about community resources, grab a snack or meal, and/or obtain essential goods, including grocery and personal hygiene items.

Faculty Office Hours

All faculty members have office hours. Students are encouraged to meet with professor during office hours to answer their questions. Students should contact their professors for days, times, and office locations.

Online vs. Traditional Classes

Students may have the opportunity to take both traditional and online classes. Traditional classes are held in-person at specific days and times each week. Online classes work well for students who need the flexibility to study at their own pace, on their own schedule. Important online course information can be found here.

Online courses operate differently than traditional classroom classes, and differently than "distance learning" classes students may have experienced in the past. This short orientation is intended to help students understand the process and expectations in an online course so that they can be successful right away.

Career Services

Our Office of Career Success & Experiential Learning helps students in a number of ways, including assessing their interests and skills for a major or future career, looking for internships or jobs, and assisting with resume writing and interviewing.


Librarians at the College’s Evelyn S. Field Library help students in a variety of ways, including finding materials and assisting with research for a paper or project.


The College’s Golden Lion Bookstore, conveniently located right on campus, is where students can purchase all of their course materials and supplies, RVCC apparel, snacks, and more. They can even rent books and sell back their lightly used textbooks. Textbooks can also be ordered online through the Bookstore.


What documentation is required for Disability Services?

Each student requesting accommodations is required to submit documentation to verify eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA). Academic adjustments and other accommodations are implemented to provide equal access to College programs and services. In order to determine eligibility as an individual with a disability, the student must submit documentation that is comprehensive, clearly specifies the presence of a disability, and is appropriate to the postsecondary setting. Any specific recommendations for accommodations must be based on significant functional limitations and must be supported by the diagnostic assessment. Accommodations and academic adjustments cannot be implemented until the student’s documentation meets these criteria. Prior history of having received an accommodation does not, in and of itself, warrant or guarantee its continued provision. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan is almost never sufficient documentation of a disability in the postsecondary setting.

For complete details about documentation, click here.

Do students have their own academic advisor?

All students are assigned to an academic advisor who will meet with them to help them set their academic goals, choose their courses, stay on track to graduate and realize their dreams.

For additional information, click here.

How often should students meet with an academic advisor?

Student should meet with their academic advisor at least once every semester to make sure they’re on track to completing their education goals.

What should students do if they’re having personal issues that are impacting their academic performance?

Students should feel encouraged to meet with a counselor at RVCC to discuss any issues that could be affecting their academic performance. The College offers free, personal, short-term counseling and also can provide referrals for outside providers.

Can students withdraw from a class or change classes?

Students may withdraw from a class and get a full refund during the first week of the term. Students must make sure to fill out the Add/Drop form to officially withdraw from class. 

For complete details about refunds for classes, click here.