Students on Campus

Students on Campus

Whether you are coming to campus to take a face-to-face class, meet with an advisor or go to the bookstore, we are committed to providing you with a healthy and safe learning environment. The entire campus community has a part to play in our response to the challenges that a global pandemic presents. Following state and CDC guidelines, we have made a number of changes to the campus to protect the health of our RVCC community:

Arriving on Campus

  • Face Masks – Face masks are optional in all campus buildings. If you are not yet fully vaccinated or are otherwise at risk, we encourage that you continue to wear a mask.  However, as conditions change and as variants continue to emerge, RVCC will continue to review its mask policy.
  • Appointments Suggested – Student Services Office request you to make an appointment in advance.  Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment Services accept walk-ins.
  • Social Distancing – The campus will be run in accordance with local officials, OSHE and CDC; at this time there will be no social distancing.
  • Vaccinations Recommended – RVCC continues to encourage all eligible individuals to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at keeping you from getting the virus and, if you do get infected, from developing serious and prolonged illness.



    All facilities are open.


    Cleaning, Sanitation and Ventilation

    • Hand sanitizers are located throughout the campus.
    • Bathrooms are scheduled to be cleaned several times during the day with Kai-vac machines that completely clean all surfaces.
    • Ventilation systems: Several buildings on campus, by design, have 100% outside air being delivered to the spaces.  These include all science buildings, Phys Ed Building, several areas in Hunterdon and Somerset (they used to have science labs), automotive and cosmetology. In buildings that have recirculation air, we have made two changes.  Outside air dampers have been fully opened so that so that recirculated air is diluted with a maximum amount of fresh air.  In addition, the filters for these buildings have been replaced with MERV 13 filters that remove 90% of particles and considered effective against viruses. In addition, every classroom will have a local air purifier placed in the room. This self-contained unit has a HEPA filter and UVC light within the unit.  These units will run continuously. 


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